Having an unused garage can be quite beneficial if you’re trying to run a home business. While you may not need any extra physical space in the beginning, knowing that you can count on your garage for that in the future can be great for planning your company’s growth. Converting a garage for business use might sound like a lot of work, but it’s actually quite straightforward if you know what your requirements are from the start. The biggest potential issue that you’ll want to pay attention to is getting in trouble with the government due to a lack of appropriate permits. And that brings us to our first, and most important point.

Ensure Your Work Will Be Permitted

Any modifications to your home must always go through the appropriate government agencies, and be explicitly approved in writing. This is especially true when converting a part of your home for business use. Since a garage is typically not meant for occupation, you might also be required to make some specific changes to be allowed to use it in this manner. This may or may not be expensive and difficult, and the only way to know is to apply for the appropriate permits as early as you can.

Invest in Quality Heavy-duty Equipment

Business use typically implies heavier requirements towards your equipment, making it more important to invest in high-quality products and tools. Working with a commercial electrical supply store is mandatory for any electrical equipment, for example. This isn’t just about having access to a good selection of products. Commercial equipment comes with some additional safety measures and regulations that are necessary to keep things safe in more advanced use cases like yours. These products typically cost more than their consumer variants, but for a good reason – and this is not a corner you ever want to cut.

Keep It Secure!

Running a business out of a garage comes with some additional safety risks that you might want to consider before committing to any expensive equipment. A garage is typically easier to break into than the rest of your home, so you’ll want to invest in some additional security equipment, especially if you’re going to be working with expensive tools that will draw a lot of attention. If you’re not using the area in front of the garage, and don’t plan on allowing customers to park there either, try to prevent vehicles from coming too close to the garage door – this is another measure that will inconvenience potential thieves.

Don’t be quick to start using that space after converting it either. Sometimes your home business won’t actually need any extra room for the first few months or even years. But it can be very useful to have that space already prepared and ready for utilisation. You never know when your business might go through a period of rapid growth, requiring you to make important decisions on short notice. Knowing that you’ve at least sorted out any issues with your physical property will go a long way towards simplifying things for you.


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