Coral Chungs is the epitome of sophistication with Senreve’s handcrafted handbags. Designed for the modern woman, our bags embody versatility, functionality, and elegance. Senreve was created to cater to the professional woman by prioritizing their needs. This company aims to create a balance between versatility and design, fantasy, and functionality—and innovation and tradition. Senreve’s handbags simplify the daily lives of women, empowering them to lead higher-quality lives. The company’s inspiration originated from French terms that translate to “sense” and “dream.” These handbags can carry your laptop, phone, lipstick, wipes, and wallet, among other things, giving you the space to take everything you need with you in one place.

About the CEO, Coral Chen

The Wharton School and University of Pennsylvania graduate has always had a passion for consumer brands and luxury retail industries. This passion led her to the global COO and hold the position of CEO in America for Prada, working on projects related to commercialization, marketing, and distribution. Her career started in Hong Kong at Bain & Company before moving to Silicon Valley. She currently works as the CEO of Senreve, a company she co-founded in 2016 with Wendy Wen to cater to the needs and wants of working women. Through her leadership, the company has grown tremendously; the cofounders found an investor in Sonya Brown, and it recently closed a series A investment deal worth $16.75 million.

The Company’s Customer-Oriented Policy

As Coral Chung and Wendy Wen were preparing to launch their company, they received plenty of advice from industry veterans. They were originally going to partner with Barneys New York, but they chose to instead take a direct-to-customer route. Three years later traditional brick-and-mortar establishments are in decline. This change has made many experts see that the future of the industry lies in the adoption of digital, direct-to-consumer strategies. The model is designed to offer transparency, affordability, and accessibility.

Today, the relationship between customers and luxury brands has evolved. As more companies transition to e-commerce, customers are no longer shopping in a physical retail shop.
Since customers are drawn to brands they share values with, Senreve aims to maintain close relationships with its customers by responding to them promptly. The company takes time to gain insights from customers and use the feedback to make changes and improvements.

Breaking the Stereotypes of Women

Using their experience in consulting, finance, tech, and retail—and trusting on their instincts—Chung and Wen are building a successful company. They are on their way to transforming the otherwise traditional industry of women’s handbags. The idea to start Senreve came from necessity; Coral could not find a handbag that fit her lifestyle. She discovered that the available luxury handbags would often collapse, and most of them did not accommodate all the needs of a professional woman.

When she had the idea to start the brand, she had to make a choice: stay at her current company or trust her instincts and begin her entrepreneurial journey. She chose to pursue a company that would dispel the notion that women must confirm into just one role—their careers or personal lives. Women are multifaceted, and they can have it all, a belief Chung helps to realize with Senreve. Today’s woman wears several hats, and her handbag must also meet all her needs. Besides being practical, she also wants to be elegant and stylish. Senreve bags are beautiful, sleek, and made in Italy by expert artisans using high-quality products.

Through its social media presence and how the brand is presented, Senreve also aims to highlight the issues that working women face. Breaking structural problems is also essential. Often, women are criticized for doing one thing or the other, something that men do not usually face.

Filling a Gap in the Industry

Before launching Senreve, Chung sought advice from the people in her life as well as her mentors. Most of them believed that the market was too saturated, and the idea was too risky and impossible to achieve. Coral Chung had, however, seen a gap in the market and was determined to fill it. She took a risk by creating a brand that is modern, intentional, innovative, and customer-oriented. Although smaller than its competitors, Senreve stands out as the best CES Software allowing Chung to create the ideal solution based on customer feedback with unmatched precision and efficiency.
Coral Chung demonstrates that women can be both vulnerable and fearless. Despite the risks involved, she chose to do things her way, and it paid off.
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