Corpo Sancto: Eco Friendly Candles

Everyone loves a candle; especially an eco-friendly candle! So I was delighted when I stumbled across Corpo Sancto. This edgy company is the brainchild of husband and wife team Chris and Annelie Turner. From the offset this company has looked like an established business ready to rival industry competitors even though it was only founded in 2014. Corpo Sancto are a Brighton based company that produces a range of natural candles, reclaimed industrial candelabras & lamps. It is common knowledge that Brighton is a hotspot for creativity and individuality and Corp Sancto have not disappointed.

The branding has a rock chick edge to it which is an immediate draw (or at least it is to me). Corpo Sancto were kind enough to allow me to test a few of their exquisite candles and they arrived in the most beautifully packaged black boxes encasing the sleek candles-all adorned with the Corpo Sancto crest logo. They are currently the only UK manufacturer to be using rapeseed wax for all of its candles. The rapeseed wax they use is biodegradable, carbon neutral and produced from non-GM crops grown within the European Union, something which can’t be said for other natural waxes such as those made from soya, castor or palm oils. All their candles are hand mixed and poured in small batches using the best ingredients to assure the highest quality; the scented candles are then left for at least a week to cure. Their unusual range of scents set them apart from the run of the mill candle manufacturers; with scents such as Green Tea & Lemongrass, Coffee & Bread, The Hippie, Log Fire, Sweet Fig and probably the most unusual, Biker Jacket. The Biker Jacket scented candle intrigued me, so I had just had to try it out. On the website it is described as smelling like a combination of the masculine aroma of leather, motor oil and 1000 miles of hard road, and I would have to agree. The rich aroma conjures up images of road trips and really does embody the scent of a well-worn leather jacket. Candle names can be misleading and I have to admit that I was sceptical of the titles, however they really do smell how they say on the label. ‘You get what it says on the label says Chris Turner, add to this the environmental credentials of all natural, biodegradable, carbon neutral rapeseed wax and you have a candle fit for Bear Grylls and Steve McQueen.’

The Corpo Sancto candles are made with wooden wicks which are natural, lead free and sustainably produced. This is something that I had heard of but never experienced before and I have to say that I liked it. The flickering wooden wick sounds like a log fire and adds to the overall Corpo Sancto experience. Word of warning; do not light when you are watching TV, it can get quite noisy. Having said that, it would be the perfect bathroom candle for lounging in a tub of bubbles, or to create a cosy ambience within a room. If you are looking for something a little bit different for yourself or a gift then I really would recommend that you choose a Corpo Sancto Eco Candle.

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