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Cosmetic Surgery: Is it Good or Bad?

Cosmetic Surgery: Is it Good or Bad?

They say undergoing cosmetic surgery is neither good nor bad. Although it may be surrounded by stigma, cosmetic surgery should not be regarded as a negative procedure.

June 11th, 2020

They say undergoing cosmetic surgery is neither good nor bad. Although it may be surrounded by stigma, cosmetic surgery should not be regarded as a negative procedure. This type of surgery or procedure can increase one’s self-esteem and confidence providing enough courage to fulfill one’s goals in life.

Getting a professional esthetician license can allow you to fulfil the dreams of many patients. Be part of their journey towards self-love that can be achieved through their personal decisions about their body. No one should be allowed to dictate what one does to their body.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, there are things to know that many people might not be aware of. Awareness is the key to understanding the mystery of why people opt for this supposed artificial transformation.

The Basics

Cosmetic surgeryis a procedure done to change one’s appearance. This often improves one’s sense of self-confidence and self-esteem. However, there are limitations to cosmetic surgery when it comes to the patient’s expectations. It should be noted that given the permanent nature of cosmetic surgery, the decision to push through with these procedures should be well-thought-out. A surgeon may require a consultation before setting a procedure appointment to check the motives for the surgery.

Those who are considered good candidates for cosmetic surgery include those who have realistic expectations of what can be done, have a stable weight for 6 to 12 months before the procedure, or understand the medical risks of the procedures concerned.

Undergoing cosmetic surgery is a lifelong commitment and the decision to do so should not be done hastily. Proper guidance and thorough research are needed to make sure the procedures to be done are executed correctly.

Common Cosmetic Surgeries

Considering undergoing cosmetic surgery is a big decision to make. However, for some, it is a matter of simply enhancing their appearance and feeling better about themselves. There are many different types of cosmetic surgeries depending on the area and type of procedure. Here are thecommon types of cosmetic surgeries:

Breast augmentation is a procedure that increases or changes the shape of the breasts. This procedure is sometimes called “breast implant surgery” if the procedure involves an increase in breast size. Breast lifts and breast reductions – though referring to the same body part – are, in fact, different procedures altogether.

Dermabrasion is often used to treat acne scars, age spots, and crow’s feet. This procedure involves the exfoliation or “sanding” of the skin. Doing this process removes the top layer of the skin to make way for the healthy regrowth of new skin cells. This results in smooth-looking skin.

Hair restoration procedures are used to remedy the appearance of baldness. In this procedure, hair is removed from an area where hair grows thick. This patch of hair is transferred to a different area that shows signs of baldness.

In liposuction, the procedure changes the shape of the body through the removal of fat deposits. It uses a vacuum-suction cannula that removes localized fat deposits directly beneath the skin. Liposuction can be done on many parts of the body. It can be on the arms, thighs, or stomach among others.

These are some of the most common cosmetic surgeries done on patients. While some people will not agree on others’ decisions to undergo these types of surgery, the choice of what to do with their body remains with the patient.

Benefits of Undergoing Cosmetic Surgeries

Technology has greatly improved in recent years. There have been many innovations in the field of science and technology that have assisted many cosmetic surgeons around the world. With these innovations, there have been more options to choose from in terms of cosmetic surgery. Here are some benefits toundergoing cosmetic surgeryfor those who are considering certain procedures.

Undergoing cosmetic surgery, no matter what other people say, can boost your self-confidence. This confidence can provide you the courage to pursue your goals and dreams in life. It can give you a good push to go after the things you want.

Some cosmetic surgeries involve physical health benefits. Breast reduction, for example, can reduce the weight that bears on your neck and back brought by large breasts.

For other patients, undergoing cosmetic surgery simply will make them feel better about themselves. While this may have been an effect of our current society, no one has the right to impose on others what they should do about their bodies.

Cosmetic surgery has its benefits. While this is so, it should also be noted that these procedures entail risks. These factors should be considered before finalizing one’s decision to go under the knife.



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