Among the variety of casual wear that people style, the wearing of jeans is perhaps the most loved of all, by young people and the older generation alike. Some jeans are worn in a tattered style while others are worn pressed, crisp, and with a recognizable crease. In some business circles, the protocol allows for men and women to wear jeans to work, and it is not frowned upon. Whether to wear cotton jeans or denim jeans is a point of discussion among many, and this article will address the key points for wearers to remember.

Looking at Jean Styles

Although, they were initially invented in 1871, what became known as “blue jeans” has its unofficial birthday on May 20, 1873, patented by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. As to be expected with any style of clothing, there are many brands of jeans that people opt to wear, according to what their favorite is. One particular item to look at is the filly flair jeans, popularly worn by people in today’s current culture. People can buy these jeans in the distress-style jeans, the skinny jeans, the plaid patched jeans, the boot cut jeans, and the straight cut jeans. There are many other styles from which to choose, but choosing whether the purchase should be denim or cotton is another matter.

Remembering Key Points about Cotton or Denim Jeans

As a point of reference, it should be noted that denim jeans have been around a lot longer than their cotton cousins, and are worn by people who like the rugged feel. However, it is important to remember that denim is merely a byproduct cotton fabric, but it has distinctive patterns that set it apart from cotton jeans. By the time the denim jeans process is over, the jeans are either sandblasted or prewashed to give them their fashionable flair that people desire. It is important to keep in mind that due to denim’s heavy material, it may be difficult to sew when torn and requires a heavy wash to be cleaned.

More Key Points about Cotton or Denim Jeans

Like a pair of jeans, cotton is also a popular choice chosen because cotton is a more relaxed fabric and can be woven into khakis, flannel, gabardine, polyester, as well as denim. As a relaxed material, cotton is durable, breathable, light, and absorbs sweat well. Unlike denim, cotton is very easy to sew and is easily washable. Cotton material is also the cooler choice between cotton and denim so it is definitely preferred in the warmer times. This versatility makes it a choice that is more widely purchased for people who desire the conveniences of the material.

More Information about Jeans

There are more varieties of jeans than just cotton or denim, being made from many types of fabrics in the textile industry. Jeans were originally created for the purpose of those who wanted a sturdy material for hard work, a material that would hold up in the pockets and the fly of the pants. The denim name came from a sturdy fabric in France called “Serge de Nimes,” hence the name denim. The original color of the jeans was an indigo color from where the term “blue jeans” originates. Yet, jeans come in many colors today, as different blends and dyes are used to create unique colors for individuals.

Additional Information about Jeans

Originally, jeans were called waist overalls and would not develop the name jeans until around 1960 by the Baby Boomers generation. Jeans may have started out as cheap material made for laborers but in today’s culture jeans can be rather expensive. There are even one pair of jeans designed that cost $250,000, an astronomical price for a pair of trousers originally made for blue-collar workers. It is fashionable today for jeans to be made in the “ripped” style, especially by the Millennials and other young people.

Other Information That May Interest People about Jeans

In addition to jeans being used in trousers, there are other clothing that is made from denim material, such as skirts, jackets, shirts, caps, and shorts. People who work on ranches, farms, and industrial centers rely heavily on jeans to ensure they are able to work comfortably and with durable clothing. People who go on casual outings also take great pleasure in wearing jeans, along with their favorite pair of sneakers. Sales in the jeans industry are projected to be an estimated $129.8 billion by the year 2021. The denim look became the symbol of American fashion and remains so today.

Continuing to Look at Denim Jeans

The making of a pair of jeans comes from the fibers that are separated from the cotton seeds. The fibers are carded once they reach a manufacturing facility in the form of bales and become long strands of fiber. The strands are then woven into yarn, which is then loaded onto spools. The denim itself is a twill fabric that gives a pair of jeans the familiar look that is associated with the material. It doesn’t appear that jeans will fade away anytime soon.

A Final Look at Cotton and Denim Jeans

Many people that purchase jeans or other parts of clothing made from jean material will have both the cotton and the denim jeans to wear on different occasions. It also helped the sales of the jeans that many celebrities sported the trousers, adding credibility and appeal to the pants. Stars like Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, and Montgomery Clift were seen wearing the jeans, and many people went out and bought a lot of the jeans in support of their favorite celebrity or star. It is believed that soon jeans will be the most popular selling brand of trousers and skirts for the young crowd that is maturing into adulthood. As it is, jeans can be bought for a fairly reasonable price, making it affordable for those in the low-income class, as well as the natural price for those in the middle-class range.


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