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Covid Travel: 6 Essential Items To Bring On Your Next Trip

Just a few years ago, the coronavirus pandemic and its features were the usual visualizations of dystopia.

Just a few years ago, the coronavirus pandemic and its features were the usual visualizations of dystopia. Today, our worst fears have become the new norm, and we are faced with a bunch of new rules and gears that we never thought we would need.

One of the industries most affected has been travel. Traveling post-Covid is a completely new experience from the pre-pandemic era with restrictions on who can travel and where.

Travelers also face increased scrutiny resulting from stricter global health and safety requirements aimed at combating the pandemic. To comply with these requirements and for personal safety and hygiene, travel essentials have also changed.

Here are 6 essential items to bring on your next trip.

Mask and mask bags:

Who would have thought that face masks would become a necessity in our daily lives? Besides Bill Gates, few could have conceived that the 2020s would commence with a battle for safe air.

Today it is an absolute necessity to have a face mask on when traveling. Since it is important to change your mask every few hours, carrying extras would be helpful. The WHO also recommends storing reusable masks in a sealed plastic bag.

Hand Sanitizers:

Maintaining social distancing and using a face mask are the best ways to protect yourself from the coronavirus. However, washing hands is also preventative. If you cannot access soap and clean water, an ideal alternative is a hand sanitizer.

Always pack a few travel-sized bottles of hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol when you’re going on a trip. Your hotel is unlikely to provide guests with one, so it is great to be prepared.

Water Bottles:

Most airlines no longer offer water due to the pandemic, and most convenience stores are closed. It is therefore advisable to carry along reusable water bottles.

You can carry an empty water bottle and fill it at the airport after passing through security. Carry a water bottle with a filter attachment just in case a water refill station is out of reach.

Reusable Straws:

If you are thinking of hitting a club or a restaurant during your trip, you need to carry along some reusable straws. This handy and cheap item will help you practice good food and hygiene habits while in transit. It will also ensure that you stay safe from the virus.

Choose drinking from your straw over putting a glass or bottle to your lips. Once done, thoroughly disinfect and seal the straws before putting them in a plastic bag.


Snacks have always been a travel essential, particularly on road trips. The coronavirus pandemic has placed even greater importance on carrying handy meals when on a trip.

The pandemic has seen the suspension of inflight meals by many airlines and the closure of most airport restaurants. Therefore, having light food along with you would go a long way in making your journey as smooth as possible.

It is also important to pack snacks that do not require reheating or refrigerating. Examples of such include granola bars, dried fruits, and sandwiches.


Your hands are not the only parts of your body that need sanitizing. Always sanitize your travel cases, personal belongings, and surfaces you contact.

Carry sanitizing wipes and disinfectant sprays to use on any items that have contacted dirty or public surfaces. You should get special sanitizing wipes to use on your phone and other electronic devices. Do so to prevent ruining the screens of such devices.

You can also use wipes or sprays to disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, armrests, and light switches. When using wipes or disinfectants, ensure you wipe in one direction to stop the spread of germs.

The pandemic has made travel a tidbit more difficult. A bit more thought and preventive measures must be implemented when preparing to travel. That is why we have provided 6 essential items to bring on your next trip.

These travel essentials will help you meet the basic health and safety requirements. They will protect you from catching the coronavirus, provided you also practice social distancing. Don’t forget to get your international drivers license when traveling abroad with your car.