Welcome to our exclusive interview with Tomasso Silvestri, an artist who’s not just painting pictures but predicting the future of art itself.

For over 20 years, Tomasso has been crafting a new language in the art world, one filled with dreams, messages, sounds, and visions. His work is a blend of scientific innovation and personal ritual, creating art that’s as technically impeccable as it is visionary.

Renowned for his unique morphic style, Tomasso brings provocative paintings and precise dreamworlds to life, challenging us to see beyond the canvas.

Get ready to dive into the mind of a creator who’s reshaping the boundaries of what art can be…

From Chicago to the World: How has your Italian heritage and upbringing in Chicago influenced your artistic journey?

Growing up with parents who were passionate about singing, dancing, and music, and inspired by my mother’s artistic sensibilities, my art has been profoundly shaped by the vibrant palette of Italian culture and the aromas of her cooking. The emphasis on quality of life and a love for living inherent in Italian culture has been deeply influential.

Can you share a memory of your mother’s Italian cooking and how it has inspired your art?

My mother’s cooking was a tour de force of authentic, inspirational recipes passed down through generations. These meals transcended time, enriching not only our family’s legacy but also inspiring the sensory layers in my art, which continue to resonate with me daily.

At what age did you realise that visual arts and music would be your lifelong passion?

At the age of 7, I discovered a drafting table and various drawing instruments in my parents’ basement. The moment I held those tools, I felt a cosmic connection to past lifetimes filled with artistic dreams and visions, which inspired me to draw with fervent enthusiasm.

How has your work evolved from early drafting and designs to contemporary design, sculpting, and painting?

Initially, from 1990 to 1997, my work primarily featured large abstract figures set against a narrative backdrop. Over time, the drafting skills I had honed became the foundation for my explorations in surrealism and avant-garde, morphic art.

How have your extensive world travels and studies of ancient cultures shaped your artistic style?

My travels have led me to develop a unique artistic language characterised by morphic art energetics and multidimensional symbolism, which employs innovative techniques to communicate profound messages to the viewer.

Your work delves into dreams, symbolism, and spirituality. Can you describe a dream that has particularly influenced a piece of your art?

My creative process is deeply embedded with transits, phases, frequencies, and vibratory waves, which are the lifeblood of my artistic endeavours, influencing the themes and execution of my artwork.

What role does astrology and occult knowledge play in your creative process?

Astrology and occult knowledge are integral to my work, helping me develop critical analytical theses and personal rituals that shape my artistic methodology and narratives.

How did artists like Carrie Ann Baade, Salvador Dali, and Miro inspire you to push the boundaries of your contemporary art style?

These legendary artists have inspired me to embrace the unique gifts and risks associated with creating transformative, visionary art, pushing me to produce masterpieces that resonate across lifetimes.

Can you describe a moment when you felt particularly inspired or connected to your art during a live performance?

In April 2024, while attending a performance by the Ellis String Quartet in Santa Fe, I was moved during the second movement of Beethoven’s Op. 58. This experience immediately sparked the vision for my artwork, “Fantasia Adagio,” which I began creating upon my return to the studio.

What is your favourite medium to work with and why?

I find all my artistic mediums equally fulfilling, as each offers unique avenues for expression and creativity.

How do you balance the different facets of your career, from music performance to sculpting and painting?

Rather than balancing, I prefer to immerse myself completely in my art, allowing my creative passion to burn intensely.

Is there a particular piece of your artwork that holds special significance to you?

Disturbances,” a groundbreaking piece from my early career, represents a significant phase of artistic exploration and vision, pushing the boundaries of multimedia mural work.

What message or experience do you hope to convey to people who view your art?

My goal is to confront the viewer directly, provoking deep emotional responses and sparking the imagination by tapping into their fears and dreams.

How do you stay motivated and inspired in your creative endeavours?

I find solace and inspiration in silence, which I consider the truest language of God. My studio serves as a sacred space where I meditate and connect deeply with my creative spirit.

What advice would you give to aspiring artists trying to find their own personal style?

I encourage artists to discover and nurture their authentic selves, exploring and developing their unique artistic voice within the natural world.

How has the rise of digital art and platforms like OpenSea influenced your work and its reach?

What is your process for starting a new piece of art, from concept to completion?

My creative process is an endless spiral of inspiration, where ideas and visions continually emerge and evolve, manifesting into tangible art forms.

Can you describe a day in your life when you’re immersed in your artistic work?

My days begin by merging with the divine light, and as I delve into my artistic flow, I lose all sense of time and space, fully engrossed in my creative process.

Our readers love to travel; what destination is at the top of your bucket list?

I am eager to explore Indonesia, Egypt, Vietnam, Turkey, UAE, Iran, Patagonia, and Kenya, each offering rich cultural experiences and artistic inspiration.

Where can people follow you and find out more?

Follow me on social media and visit my website to explore my art and keep up with my latest projects and exhibitions.

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