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Just before Christmas we chatted with Robert Lancaster-Gaye, a co-founder at Tielle Love Luxury who provide bed linen to some of the most exclusive hotels in the world. After many requests to make their linens available to enjoy at home, the brand was born. I can tell you first-hand, that this luxury, ethical linen is worth every penny.

As I write this, on the first proper working day of 2021, I am aware of the turmoil this will create. Like me, you probably winced when your alarm went off this morning. It took a couple of ‘Snoozes’ to make it out of bed and the promise of a bacon sandwich. While making your bed even more cosy seems counterintuitive to the ‘get up and go’ we are all trying to cultivate for 2021, how about we change the thinking to the bedroom chill-zone being the well-deserved reward after a successful day of whatever success looks like to you this month?

Just before Christmas we chatted with Robert Lancaster-Gaye, a co-founder at Tielle Love Luxury who provide bed linen to some of the most exclusive hotels in the world. After many requests to make their linens available to enjoy at home, the brand was born. I can tell you first-hand, that this luxury, ethical linen is worth every penny.

Perhaps you too have had a weekend stay cancelled recently?

Why not treat yourself in a longer term fashion by giving your own room the hotel bedroom treatment?

Why do we miss hotel linen so much?

Robert: There is nothing more comforting than slipping into bed in with freshly laundered bedlinen. The feel of it and the smell of it is like nothing else. Most people don’t have the time or inclination to launder their bedlinen every day, but this is exactly what a hotel does, so the joy of climbing into newly washed bedlinen is guaranteed.  Add to that the quality of the bedlinen in a luxury hotel and our fondest memories of a night away almost always focus on the bedroom and the quality of the sleep.

Let’s daydream a little – what’s the best hotel you’ve stayed in, Robert?

R: I’ve been lucky enough to stay in many of our wonderful clients’ hotels so it is very difficult to pick just one!

The Pig Hotels are very special; the combination of the locally sourced and home-grown food, the relaxed atmosphere and exceptionally high quality beds, bed linen and towels make for a very memorable stay. After all, these are the things that matter, and people do remember whether or not they had a good night sleep.

In London I would choose any of the Firmdale hotels because of the fantastic attention to detail of everything from the bright fabrics to the choice of seating, to the lighting, ornaments and glasses. A stay is a total pleasure. Anything you touch or use is just so interesting and perfect and of course, I can vouch for the brilliant bedlinen! I can’t mention both of these hotel groups without saying that the staff are absolutely brilliant, friendly without being over bearing, relaxed but attentive to detail. Ultimately, the staff make the hotel.

Couldn’t agree more! So, when it comes to creating that hotel feel at home – where should we start?

R: Good question – here are our top tips!

Choose bedlinen straight from the five star hotels – Classic white sheets stay looking fresh for longer and never go out of fashion – that’s why they are used at all of the best hotels. It’s a simple way to bring some hotel luxury into your own home too. Many people assume the higher the thread count, the better the quality, but it’s not that simple. 300tc or 400tc, woven from a good quality cotton is the perfect level of luxury. For example, our 300tc silky soft sheets are enjoyed by five star hotels such as The Pigs and Firmdale Hotels.

Create a sense of calm and quiet: A good quality carpet underlay and heavy blackout curtains help to create that hotel atmosphere, keeping the room as quiet and relaxing as possible. It also helps to make sure that the bedroom stays dark, even in the early summer mornings.

Invest in good quality, comfortable pillows: Pillows are probably the single most important item in a hotel, so making sure that you’ve got pillows at home that work for you is a worthwhile investment. Natural-filled pillows make for the best night’s sleep because they breathe more easily. Check our buyer’s guide to pillows, to find out which is the right sort of pillow for you.

While it’s so tempting to buy all the throws and fluffy blankets, we’re conscious about not being wasteful and getting on trend items that we won’t want next winter. How do you recommend building a ‘capsule bedroom wardrobe’?

R: To create a ‘capsule’ bedroom the trick is to buy as high quality as you can afford, in white or classic, timeless colours and designs. It is the quality of the fabric and stitching that will last for a long time whatever the design or style of the rest of the room.  A 10.5tog feather and down duvet will see you throughout the year in most UK houses, it’s just the right amount of warmth in the winter with moisture wicking factors for the warmer summer months.

A business at the forefront of sustainable luxury, this year, Tielle Love Luxury launched an eco-friendly pillow, which meets the highest standards of performance and comfort as well as environmental quality. These hotel quality pillows are crafted from recycled plastic bottles, collected from across Europe and blended with Tencel®, an award-winning botanical fibre. They are blissfully soft and feather-free. As well as being ethically made and sourced, the pillows are non-allergenic, machine washable and breathable, thanks to the 15% Tencel® materials, a natural cellulose fibre, which keeps you cool and dry whilst you sleep.

The pillows have a 100% cotton 233 thread count casing and feature Tielle Love Luxury’s signature piped edging.  They are available on our site priced £25-£30. Thoughtfully made to ensure what’s good for the environment is just as good for bedtime, the pillows are Oeko-Tex® certified, meaning that every thread, fabric and filling meets human-ecological requirements. The fibre filling of this product has received EU Eco Label Certification.

Dare we ask – how should we be looking after our bed linen?

R: How often should you wash your bedlinen at home is an often asked question. Once a week, wherever possible is best.  Good quality cotton can be hot washed, which removes body oils and while line drying always gives a fresh feel to sheets and duvet covers, many people don’t have the space to do this. Try hanging them over a bannister or door and finishing them off in a drier.  Ironing isn’t always required either. With a good quality fabric the creases stretch out when the bed is made anyway, but a quick run over with an iron on pillowcases does leave a smooth, clean and smart finish.

To check out Tielle Love Luxury head over to their website.

Be sure to follow the brand on socials for more tips on how to create that hotel feel at home and amazing competitions!

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