Create YOUR Bikini Body…

We are well into the summer now and if you are still fighting hard for that bikini body look no further. Here at House of Coco, we truly do understand that life gets in the way sometimes. With work, relationships, friends and any passionate hobbies you may have, the world can get hectic really quick, and too often.beach-running

1 . Work That Body Out In The Morning

There is nothing like stimulating your body with some intense cardio in the morning. The main way to get faster and even leaner results is to execute your physical training early in the morning without breakfast. Contrary to popular belief, this activates your metabolism faster and cuts straight to your muscles, making you one fat burning machine.

I have personally found this technique useful when you need a serious pick me up after skipped workouts and not so productive workout routines. Everything is about trial and error, so I strongly suggest you try out as many techniques and positive habits to get your body aligned with the vision you attend to achieve.

Lemon-Water-1000x5002. Lemon Water Tip

A really easy way to excel the transformation of your gorgeous body is replenishing your system with antioxidants in the morning. It is an inexpensive detox drink that requires 5 minutes of your time. Slice half an organic lemon and squeeze out the juice into your favourite morning mug. Boil the kettle and allow the water to cool for about 5-10 minutes before topping up your lemon juice to create the perfect potion. Although it tastes acidic, lemons are a natural alkaline and functions to balance the acid within our bodies, usually created through bad food habits.

A lot of today’s foods contain artificial ingredients like processed food agents, harsh chemicals and saturated fats. All of which, at the present time and in the future clog up our body’s natural way to digest food properly and easily. By incorporating this effective and simple habit to your morning regimen your body will begin to receive the benefits of a lighter-feeling body and clearer skin if done on a daily basis, in a short amount of time.

Check out our previous article on lemon water here for more details on the detox drink.

3.  A 10 minute Workout Is Better Than No Workout

Being consistent in your daily routine is essential to dropping the weight and sustaining it long after the reason you wanted to in the first place. The many trappings we see today are crazy weight losses, reporting a 14-pound weight loss and smaller dress sizes. This is usually followed by a yoyo diet of swinging back up to their original weight (usually adding a few extra pounds) or keeping up with an intense fitness and eating programme that cannot be held without sheer motivation, a deadline or with a personal trainer.

By keeping your workouts small and constant, you would gain more momentum and confidence each time you completed the exercise. Bare in mind that 1 hour workouts are not appealing for the majority of people, so keep your workouts to 20 minutes in the beginning to keep yourself enticed with the idea and step up how many times you workout during the week. Being consistent is what separates the winners from the losers. Having your clear goal in mind and not accepting ‘no’ as your final answer will keep you running to the finish line.

cute-fashion-friends-friendship-girl-girls-favim-com-38110-large 4. Support Networks

Many people undervalue this particular part when tackling any weight loss related goal. Having a supportive network of people such as your friends, family and even work colleagues can go a long way. During those times when you do not see the light at the end of the tunnel and wanting to give up, those are exactly the people to remind you why you started this journey. They show you the bigger picture and motivations behind your pull to your personal goal.

Reasons and beliefs have to be your best friends in order to aid any sustained weight loss. Having great realisations ranging from old pictures, new dress sizes and even affirmations will create the positive atmosphere you need for your mindset to flourish in achieving its dreams. This encourages your mind to believe any goal is attainable, and with the right people around you, they will help you exceed your vision.


No goal is too big for you to achieve. There will be plenty of weight loss tricks with taking supplements and conglomerate produced shakes. The only and most natural way for people to sustain a healthy living is eating well and exercising regularly. They say weight loss counts for 20% exercise and 80% eating. So do not think for once you need to incorporate hefty workouts if you are stuck on time. They accelerate your progression, but there is no end when it comes to a transformation in your diet and food intake.

Keep your head in the game with helpful, healthy detox techniques that encourage an organic progression to your weight loss and know that it is your beliefs and mindsets that holds the key for most people on reaching their goals.

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