Creative Spotlight : Hazel Thomson Art

Hazel Thomson has been interested in art since she was at school but had not taken it up until after she left. She really only started when she went to an oil painting class, it felt right, as though she had been doing it all her life. But the more painting she did the more she needed to learn. So she gave up her business that had been running for sixteen years while bringing up her family.
Here, she talks to us at House of Coco and tells us more about that journey…
Q1 How did you get to where you are now?
I started painting full time in 2012 , after discovering I had a natural aptitude and love for it in my mid 40’s. Since then I have been exploring the country, finding new areas of life to provide influence to my work, helping to develop my technique to communicate nature in different seasons and times.
Q2 What’s your background?
For 16 years I owned my own business and decided to close the business so as to dedicate my time to painting. This time has also allowed me to explore areas of nature which influence my work.
Q3 How many people are involved and what are their roles?
My work is solitary, enabling me to be consumed in the images and thoughts that provide life to my work.
Q4 Tell us one fact about you that people wouldn’t know?
My husband David has built one of the largest telescopes in the UK.
Q5 2016 is here, where do you plan on taking the brand?
My work is evolving all of the time, so to help continue this I plan to live on Hilbre Island on the Wirral for a while. The island is cut off from the mainland at high tide, and so will provide a wonderful opportunity to study nature in it’s ever-changing form from sunrise to sunset.
Q6 Style means…?
Style is all about expression, about being true to yourself and showing the world what your mind is about. That is why, art has so many different styles!
Spring tree lined walk (1)
Q7 Do you venture out to the city?
Whilst my art is centred around nature, I do enjoy venturing to the city. I find it a vibrant and fascinating melting pot of creative people in many different forms. After all, many of our creations within the city are inspired by nature – you should have to see Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia to understand what I mean!
Q8 Best place for coffee?
Liverpool has lots of fantastic independent cafes, I’ve recently discovered 92 Degrees Coffee on the corner of Hope Street and Hardman Street in Liverpool which has a great atmosphere, lovely bagels, is opposite the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall and is Liverpool first micro-roastery.
Q9 Most memorable piece of advice given to you?
Be always true to yourself and keep on looking until you see more.
Q10 If you could spend 24 hours anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Forests are where I feel the most comfortable, a forest can be as grand as a cathedral and it can give you the same sense of wonder and peace.
Q11 In the future, how do you plan on expanding?
I plan on continuing to evolve my work through further explorations, with the study of nature with the remoteness of island living and by looking further afield to broaden my horizons by studying the skies visiting the furthermost northern regions of the world to hopefully witness the northern lights.

Where you can see my work:

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