Creator Spotlight: Bethany Eaton, CO YO

We all talk about booking into an evening class, regaining our precious work-life balance, or going it alone with our latest business concept. Take Bethany Eaton, the Founder of CO YO coconut yoghurt as inspiration. Bethany managed to hold down a job in the police, become a mother AND study part time for a degree in nutrition!

Bethanie Eaton


A police officer on the beat in Hackney for seven years, high stress and late nights took their toll on Bethany’s body and health. Bethany decided to pursue her life long interest and study the way our bodies the respond to what we put into them. After five years of study Bethany joined the Hale Clinic as a nutritionist, where for six years she worked with individuals with various dietary requirements.

During this time Bethany saw a gap in the market for a non-soya dairy alternatives for her clients who, like her, couldn’t manage cow’s milk. Bethany and her husband Paul started experimenting with making coconut yoghurt at home, but couldn’t quite get it right. They found an Australian couple that had launched CO YO, and after a year of talks they met in Paris, Bethany tried CO YO for the first time and it was heavenly!

Bethany and Paul swiftly acquired the rights to start the UK business and Bethany sticks by her mantra of “you do not need £100k in the back, or a huge loan, to get started”. Instead you need to be driven by passion and utterly smitten with the product that you are making. Of course it has not all been plain sailing, suppliers have let Bethany down and she has had to be strict with herself to have a work-family life balance. Bethany has taken baby steps, invested in quality ingredients and ultimately come out on top!

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The result is CO YO, now available in seven delicious flavours (from £1.99: Waitrose, Tesco, Whole Foods, Planet Organic and Ocado). The yoghurts are packed full of medium chain fatty acids, the type of good fats that are broken down by the liver to be used as energy and even have antibacterial properties acting to support the immune – what’s not to love!

We can’t wait to see what Bethany develops next…!

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