Custom T-Shirts for a Company Team Building Exercise – How to Make Them Work

Companies across the world are now recognizing the importance of team building exercises. Having employees who are engaged in their jobs, connected with fellow workers, and enjoying doing what they do can make a huge difference in the success of the business. Should you check out this infographic on OfficeVibe, you’ll learn that employees performing as a team and invested in their jobs help their organizations make almost 250% additional profits. But, on the other hand, workers who are disinterested cost their employers losses worth $450 billion to $550 billion across the world each year. 

These statistics clearly indicate that investing in team building exercises can actually translate into higher profits and long-term success for your company. And, one of the simplest tools is custom t-shirts. Interested in learning how? Read ahead and prepare to be surprised.


Branded T-Shirts Welcome New Employees

Your employees are the life-blood of your organization and the dynamic factor that keeps it running. Presenting custom t-shirts to new workers as part of the welcome package helps integrate them from day one. Fresh talent that enters your company will develop a sense of belonging and pride. A hoodie or polo shirt carrying the logo inculcates a tribal solidarity that a motivational speech and handshake from a new boss cannot achieve. And, let’s face it. People love swag that they can show off especially when they’re talking about a new job they’ve landed.

T-Shirts with Logos Act Like an Unofficial Uniform

Wearing a custom t-shirt makes your employees instantly recognizable as belonging to your company. Whether your people are working in stores for product promotion, attending meetings and conferences, or managing booths at trade shows, anyone interacting them will identify the brand name and logo. In addition, each time workers step out into the street or even work around the office premises, they broadcast the business name. In this way, you build teams inspired to work harder for their organization’s interests. 

Here’s another idea that you can use as a team building exercise. Each time you put together a unit for a particular project, order a special set of tees and hand them out to the members assigned to the task. Sporting the project name and designation in the team is a recognition of a worker’s place in it and encourages unwavering dedication to its success.


Employees Align Better with the Company Ethos, Values, and Objectives

Your company logo is a symbol of the ethos by which it performs. The icon represents everything the business stands for, its values, and the objectives. When employees wear the symbol, they learn to follow those principles and perform accordingly. Achieving your goals is a lot easier when your people know what they’re aiming for and have a clear pathway underlined for them to follow. And, team building exercises like sporting company tees can make that happen.

This interview with Jenny Gottstein published on Forbes has an interesting observation. High-grade talent is more inclined to accept positions in companies that have a positive and ethical work culture. When assessing job offers, employees are likely to factor in the work environment and then send applications. For this reason, company owners now focus on fostering trust and positivity so they can attract the best talent out there.

Custom T-Shirts Can Mark Company Milestones

Each time you have a product launch, reach a specific sales figure, or land a prestigious job, make sure to celebrate by giving out tees to your employees. Have the custom t-shirts inscribed with the company logo and add the name of the event on the back. This simple gesture ingrains a sense of accomplishment and the feeling that each worker is a part of something big. And, that every little contribution is acknowledged and rewarded. For any person, knowing that he has an important part to play in the growth of the company can develop vital engagement. 

In addition to mentioning the particular milestone, you can also have the tees imprinted with the year. Employees owning limited edition tees can show off their tenure in the company and that enhances their connection with the business. Also reward employees on their work anniversaries with a special custom t-shirt that recognizes their term in the company. It could be one of the easiest team building exercises you can use that also promotes loyalty to the business.