If you suspect that you have a sexually transmitted infection (STI), then no doubt many worries will be playing on your mind. However, a calm and measured demeanour is undoubtedly needed here.

While STI rates fell during the pandemic, things are unlikely to stay that way now that coronavirus restrictions have eased. Understanding how this can affect your health is crucial if you’ve recently gotten back out there and seen different people.

Not all STIs develop into sexually transmitted diseases, but many can. It’s essential that you don’t spend too much time being fearful or playing guessing games and that you seek out solutions to any suspicions you have instead.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed when dealing with an STI, read on for some of the things you need to keep in mind during this experience.

Symptoms Vary Greatly

There are not always visible signs of contracting an STI. Unfortunately, depending on the infection, symptoms can take anywhere from days to years to develop, so you need to be proactive in dealing with the uncertainty here.

Therefore, it’s crucial to get a medical check-up after any sexual activity with a new partner. Left untreated, STIs can affect your fertility and your general health, so it’s essential to know where you stand at the earliest opportunity.

Before visiting a GP, review possible symptoms online, such as unfamiliar discharges from your genitals and pain when urinating. Blisters and sores may also be seen, and you may have instances of itching and burning. Of course, STIs can also be present without any of these symptoms too.

Try to get to know your body and be more in tune with it. If you can be hypersensitive to any irregularities, handling things will be much easier. You may also be able to present more useable data to the GP, making your consultation more productive.

Use an Online Pharmacy

Using an online pharmacy is a great way to receive treatment more conveniently. If your lifestyle is busy and chaotic, you can still efficiently access medication.

For example, Click Chemist only requires you to fill out an online questionnaire, enabling prescribers to assess your health and well-being. After that, your details are passed on to their in-house pharmacy, which will dispatch your medication in discrete, unbranded packaging. Therefore, you can still retain some anonymity during this process, which is helpful if you feel embarrassed by the STI.

You can buy aciclovir online under these measures too. It is an antiviral medication used in treating and suppressing genital herpes, easing the symptoms and reducing the number of outbreaks when taken as part of suppression therapy. You can purchase different quantities depending on your situation, and you can also make use of next day delivery services here too.

As STIs require a prompt response, an online pharmacy can make a crucial difference in your reaction times. Not only this, but your self-esteem may be more intact after using these services. An STI can be an enormous inconvenience, but treatment is becoming more convenient for patients, so let that idea fuel your proactivity.

Partners Needs To Know

If you receive a diagnosis for an STI, then this is something you should not keep to yourself when you have a partner. The circumstances of contracting it are not important, and anyone involved with you in a sexual capacity needs to know.

You may experience some apprehension about informing your partner, but it’s imperative you set these feelings to one side immediately. The most effective way to do this is to imagine a role reversal. If your partner had infected you with an STI, wouldn’t you wish to know?

Put your partner first in these situations. Anticipate dealing with feelings of shock and anger, and try to be as calm and factual as possible with the news you’ve brought. Moreover, conversations around STIs may also be easier if you both get tested so that you’re both on equal footing.

Of course, it is not just about them either. You may have infected your partner with an STI. If you seek treatment, and your partner doesn’t, and you reengage in sexual activity, there is a strong chance you will contract the STI all over again. Ultimately, everyone needs to be on the same page and in good health for the good times to roll. You should ask them to consider sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing.

Learn from It

Contracting an STI may not always be your fault. However, irrespective of the circumstances, there are always lessons to be learnt here.

Some of the things you may need to improve on slightly include:

  • Communicate with your partner about sex before any activity takes place.
  • The qualities you look for in a partner.
  • Using protection with a new partner and being more in-tune with their well-being.
  • To visit your GP routinely, rather than at the eleventh hour.
  • Removing feelings of stigma and shame from your mind.

In some instances, contracting an STI may be something of a wake-up call. Use it as an opportunity to educate yourself and perhaps even reframe your thinking around sexual activities.


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