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Decorate your Living Room with a Painting by Charles Marion Russel

Decorate your Living Room with a Painting by Charles Marion Russel

Decorate your Living Room with a Painting by Charles Marion Russel

January 17th, 2023

Most homeowners try to make their homes – especially their living rooms - places where you can relax but also places that can inspire and stimulate you. Usually, you also try to decorate your living room so that visitors to your home can get a "feeling" of what is important to you in life.

One of the best ways to add that "extra something" to your living room is to use one or more paintings. It is believed that artworks in your home, especially paintings, have a great psychological influence on you and visitors to your home.

Art dealers have found that many American people nowadays use depictions of the American West of the late 1800s to add to the décor of their living rooms. These paintings indicate circumstances at that time, and the painting can also be the ideal conversation piece to start a discussion regarding the social habits and customs of different peoples in the U.S. A study found that after a test group had viewed and discussed art, they had a greater tolerance for the views of others. They also showed more empathy for other people.

In this article, we'll discuss these concepts and indicate how you can use some of the paintings of Western artist Charles Russell to decorate your living room.

What to remember about Art in your Home

Before we have a look at specific works of art on the list of Charles Russell paintings to be used as décor, let's discuss some "golden rules" regarding decorating with paintings.

Probably the most important aspect to keep in mind is to purchase paintings for your home which are meaningful to you. You can't "share" the meaning of the painting if you don't like the painting!

To relax in your living room, you also have to be amongst friends, so the paintings in your living room must be your "friends."

Although paintings can, on the one hand, de-stress you, they can, on the other hand, also help you to think creatively. This is possible because good paintings help the brain to "merge" real and imagined parts of your life.

How and Where Do You Obtain Charles Russell Paintings?

We've now looked at various painting options of Charles Russell artists, but the one unanswered question is where to find affordable Charles Marion Russell works of art. Of course, it would be fantastic to have an original painting, but usually, it is just not financially possible. Fortunately, you can purchase affordable replica art.

Online, you can find many reputable art galleries offering art reproductions, including reproductions of works by Charles Russell artists from America. In addition, reputable art galleries and art studios use highly trained and skilled artists to create handmade oil or watercolor paintings which look exactly like the original.

Most of these galleries have reproductions of paintings completed during the Western artist Charles Russell career. They can also reproduce on demand.

For your convenience, we mention a few important things you can verify before buying reproductions from an online gallery to ensure that you use a reputable institution. First, check whether you can find positive and negative comments from previous clients. Remember, if the reviews are all very positive, they might be too good to be true. Look at the negative and positive reviews. Finding a gallery that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a reasonable money-back guarantee and returns policy is also good.

About Charles Marion Russell

The Western artist Charles Russell is regarded as one of the best painters of cowboy life in the late 1800s and is also seen as an artist who portrayed the sophisticated traditions of American Indians of that time correctly.

If the history and customs of the cowboys and American-Indian people during the late 1800s are your interest, it would be a good idea to acquire one of the more than 2,000 Russell paintings (or reproduction of a painting) for your living room.

His works are authentic because he lived in the American West for 46 of his 62 years. He worked and lived as a cowboy and emerged into the American Indian culture and customs because he also lived with them for years.

Let's have a look at a few possible paintings you can use to decorate your living room. The examples we discuss are just to give you an idea of the diversity of Russell's work.

Waiting for a Chinook

This painting was Russell's first work as a "commercial" artist. If you have this painting in your living room, you have a fantastic conversation piece as well because of the interesting story regarding the painting.

In short, the ranch foreman on the ranch where Russell was working reported to the range owner how the cattle herd had weathered the winter by sending him a postcard-sized watercolor that Russell had painted. Russell depicted wolves watching a gaunt steer.

Russell created a more detailed version of the picture at a later stage, and he called it "Waiting for a Chinook." Art lovers regard it as one of his most famous watercolors

Meat's Not Meat Till It's in the Pan

This is another Charles Russell painting with a story. It depicts a cowboy who has shot his prey, but the dead prey has fallen under an outcropping, and the cowboy is planning on how to get his "dinner" above the outcropping.

It is one of Western artist Charles Russell's most famous paintings and could be ideal for decorating your living room. Not only is it a beautiful painting, but also a work that will start conversations and discussions.

Indian Squaw

If you are interested in American Indian customs and history, this 1901 oil on canvas painting of a Native American woman will be ideal for your living room. "Indian Squaw," is one of his famous works. The painting shows the beauty of this particular American Indian woman.

Interestingly, at that time, the term "squaw” referred to a Native American woman who was a white man's wife. But in this painting, there is no degradation of the woman meant. Instead, she is respectfully depicted when she is standing over a piece of animal hide that is being tanned and treated.


As it has been scientifically proven that paintings and drawings in your home can have a great psychological influence on you, and you are a lover of Charles Russell's paintings, we hope this article entices you to start collecting some of his works for your living room.

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