Designer Spotlight : Genevieve Lau

Jennifer Lau is a mother of five who began her career as a Wall Street Trader but discovered that her true passion was fashion and design. Since moving out of Manhattan, she has been a stylist with a reputation for truly understanding what makes women feel beautiful. This diverse background has led her to create an expressively elegant line of  jewellery of uncompromising value at an attainable price point.

Here, Jennifer talks to House of Coco to tell us more…

When did you launch the brand?
I launched Genevieve Lau in 2012.  I had been a stylist and I was frustrated with the jewelry options that my clients had.  The jewellery was either extremely pricey or the pieces that were more affordable were trendy and chunky, without a lot of longevity.  My jewellery strives to fill that space of timeless pieces at a price point that is accessible.


2015 is in full swing, where do you plan on taking the brand?
There are two areas expansion for Genevieve Lau in 2015.  From a business point of view, we’re expanding globally, beginning in the UK.  From a creative point of view, this year I’m really enjoying expanding the types of stones that I’m using.  One stone that I’m finding particularly interesting to work with is tourmaline.  Tourmaline is a really varied stone – which can range from a watermelon colour to oranges, pinks and purples.

To date what has been the highlight since launching?
One of the amazing things about jewellery is that you really have an opportunity to participate in special moments.  People purchase jewellery as celebrations of life events – beautiful and timeless jewellery can amplify those moments.


Style means…
Wearing things that make you feel more confident – and to me, a great pair of earrings that brighten up your face, or a statement necklace that pulls an outfit together can do that.

Three beauty products that you can’t leave the house without…
1. Colore Science Sunforgettable powder sunscreen

2. Burt’s Bees lipshine in pucker

3. Laura Mercier illuminating tinted moisturizer

Statement shoe or statement bag?
One good one of each.

Clare V. and Celine are favorite statement bags

For statement shoes you can never go wrong with Valentino studs, but I also love Melissa rubber shoes from Brazil.

If you had to, what piece of clothing from your wardrobe would you wear every day?
An Isabel Marant white blouse and Rag and Bone destroyed jeans – but Inhabit NYC cashmere sweaters are also great all winter long.


Guilty pleasure…
Sunbathing while reading a book with a glass of rose

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