Designer Spotlight: HIDDENLAB

Leeds based menswear brand HIDDENLAB provide innovative street wear crafted for comfort with all luxurious materials sourced from England, combined for the forward thinking, style conscious guy. The creators from HIDDENLAB seek to bring back the bespoke ‘Made in England’ name, whilst providing slick apparel favoured by rapper Kendrick Lamar giving off the same urban feel as the likes of Christopher Kane and Alexander Wang.

HIDDENLAB offer a range of t-shirts, track pants and hooded jackets, available in a limited 20 piece run of each style, using materials such as Melton wool, British navy cotton, goat suede and lamb nappa leather to provide subtle details elevating your look from street to sports luxe.

With the recent launch of their capsule collection SUBSTANCE this month, we grabbed a couple of minutes with the creative duo to ask them more about their dark and stormy pieces.

HOC: You started out obtaining rare and highly sought after trainers, what made you make the transition into creating a menswear brand?

 HL: Our love of sneakers was really what introduced us to the world of fashion. Sourcing the most hyped up releases was originally a hobby that developed into a business, which in turn connected us with sneaker collectors worldwide, many of whom have a great personal sense of style. From there we became intrigued by putting together outfits that complemented what was being worn on our feet. It was a natural progression. Our style has evolved from the Japanese street wear influences that we grew up with to a more tailored and refined approach that is evident in our new collection.

Where has the inspiration for the Substance collection developed from?

We were inspired to create a collection that demonstrates the core values of our brand; quality fabrication, bold design and immaculate tailoring. Through experimenting with a range of fabrics, we were able to combine different textures in a way that emphasised the quality of the materials involved. We felt that a black colour palette brought the best out of the fabrics individual fibres and substance, and as such, epitomises our direction laying the foundations for future collections.

What are three important factors to the Hiddenlab brand?

–          Quality. We take pride in crafting the quality pieces from top end fabrics using highly skilled craftsmanship. Garments are both enduring in quality and timeless in design.

–          Customer. They have come up with us since our early days in the sneaker game and we are very conscious of their style likes and dislikes. We aren’t afraid to push their limits however and keep them on their toes with forward thinking designs and concepts.

–          Experimentation. We are unpredictable. From materials and designs to visual presentation, we choose not to limit ourselves. Mystery and intrigue are at the forefront of what we do.

How important is local manufacturing for you as an independent brand?

We have always enjoyed visiting local fabric suppliers who have helped us to develop an understanding of the materials that we use. Many still use the same milling methods that were adopted in the 1800s and that really inspired us to keep things in the UK and support these businesses, as they really are the last signs of the UK’s traditional textile industry. We are proudly Made in England to ensure we have a constant eye over quality control and to reap the benefits of the excellent British tailoring standards that we have over here.

What can we expect from Hiddenlab in the future?

Expect bigger collections and the same attention detail. The rest you will have to wait and see …


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