Designer Spotlight : KiosQue Anieli

KiosQue Anieli is an online shop run by Aniela Dublaszewska, who is a jewellery designer/maker based in London. Aniela studied jewellery and silversmithing at Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design in London. Nature, organic shapes and human interaction are the themes behind her work. Her creations are simple and minimalistic.

Here, she talks to us at House of Coco and tells us more about her passions, plans for the future and more…

When did you launch the brand and what was the reason behind it?
I launched Aniela Dublaszewska Design in 2014. I always wanted to have my own brand and have full control when it comes to design.

What’s your background?
I was born and grew up in the North of Poland. 9 years ago my life brought me to London! In Poland I studied marketing and advertising but deep in my heart I always wanted to design and make jewellery. London has many fantastic schools of art and design, and I decided to follow my dream. It was one of the best decisions in my life. I studied Jewellery and Silversmithing at Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design and qualified with Bachelor of Arts degree in 2014. During my course at Cass I learned many different techniques of jewellery-making, which I now use in my studio.

What is the hardest challenge you have faced since you started the company?
The hardest challenge I had to face after opening my business was the fact that I have to be aware of every aspect of running a business, from buying the right tools, equipment and materials for my designs, make my jewellery, deal with all the admin work and sell my products. I have to be my own boss and make the right decisions for the business on a daily basis. All of it wasn’t easy at the beginning and I had to learn a lot of new things, but now I can say that I feel confident.

abi paznokcie poprawione

2016 is almost here, where do you plan on taking the brand?
This year I presented my jewellery at IJL 2015, which is one of the most important jewellery shows in the UK and Europe. I made very good business contacts during the show and will start working with new galleries and boutiques in the UK. I am planning to exhibit my creations in Paris, Milan, Warsaw and Gdansk in the following year and I believe that these exhibitions will be important for the development of my brand.

To date, what has been the highlight since launching?
I think that it was the catwalk at IJL. I could present my jewellery to the public twice a day for 3 days during the show and it was a fantastic experience for me.

Which city do you feel most at home in, London, Paris or New York?
London of course! I always wanted to live here – deep in my heart.

Three beauty products you can’t leave the house without?
Moisturizing lip color balm and ‘even better’ foundation both by Clinique and  ‘Rose’ perfume by Paul Smith which I totally adore.

abi pyrite gold mole hill

Style means….?
Style for me is something very personal!

Style is not only the way we are dressed and feel fashionable. It’s more a way of living, the way we communicate and our body language.

Style includes and reflects our interests, believes and personality. I agree with Coco Chanel who said ‘Fashion fades, only style remains the same’.

Best thing about London to you?
I am very happy that I am privileged enough to live in London! I love London for it’s culture, history and architecture. London has so much to offer every single day and I like its dynamism very much!

Living in London involves looking forward to new things and interesting venues every day, for example: London Film Festival, London Jazz Festival, Fashion Week, etc.

If you had to, what item from your wardrobe would you wear every day?
Scarves! I have many of them in my wardrobe and wearing scarves even with simple clothes can easily create a chic look.

Favourite love song?
I have a few to be honest but nothing can beat ‘Lavender’ by Marillion.

This song as well as sunshine makes me feel very happy!

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Best place for coffee?
Unfortunately I don’t drink coffee but I am a tea person and I have two favourite places for my cup of tea : Dynamic and Inspirational South Bank and Calming Kenwood.

Most memorable piece of advice given to you?
Many times in my life I heard ‘Never give up’ and I really try to follow this advice! It is not always easy but of course it is possible and its works for me!  I remember this sentence is also one of the favourite quotes for Peter Johns who I absolutely admire for his intelligence and success!

Guilty pleasure?
Anthon Berg marzipan in dark chocolate.

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In future, how do you plan on expanding the company?
I would like to work with big departments stores like Liberty, Harrods and Selfridges in the near future. I would also like to showcase at the London Fashion Week next year.

Where can people find out more?

More information about my collections as well as about upcoming events on my website/online shop and on my Facebook profile Aniela Dublaszewska Design.

Model: Daniela & Abi
Photographers: Robert Lewandowski and Miro Arva

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