Designer Spotlight : Mara Irsara

Mara Irsara is a unique and individual jewellery designer. Her designs are playful, sophisticated and witty. Mara studied Architecture and knew that, from a young age, she would have a future in the jewellery industry.

We spent some time finding out more…

Tell us the story behind the brand?

Interested in jewellery since my early childhood, I was already designing and sketching from a very young age. My studies of Architecture brought depth to my analysis of prime geometric shapes and their arrangement, organization and relations in space. During my Master’s degree at the Sir John Cass I kept on digging deep into my influences and defining a language of forms. The circle, square and triangle are at the core, being primitive and basic shapes. A metamorphic transformation applies to them, through reversal, ambiguity, substitution, addition, modification, twists, disrupted expectations. My curiosity is the heart of my research and inspiration: vast, nearly random and surely chaotic. Ancient and primitive cultures, with their explicit and apparently so simple interpretation of the basic geometric shapes and forms, enrapture me.

Now my architectural and artisan creations go hand in hand, feeding each other through the same thought process, always dynamic but never the same, achieving sophistication through playfulness, creating thing in play.

What has been your biggest success since launching the business?

This years Goldsmith’s fair, my first one.


Is there anything you would do differently?

Having more time for the making.


How do you feel you brand differs from others on the market?

My style is very personal and strong, which could sometimes mean the reaction is “aut-aut” , either – or; you like it, or you don’t. My pieces are very bold but at the same time light and wearable and most of all very playful. They certainly create a dialog with the wearer, engaging in a game, and sometimes you might ask: who is wearing who?


What is your most popular item that you sell?

“Space Cut Earrings” and “Initials Rings”


What can we expect to see from you in the rest of 2014?

More fuss.
More colours.
At the Goldsmith’s Fair I have presented the “Fussy Collection”, pictures of this collection will be online soon. I will continue to work on the fussy pieces for the rest of the year.


What advice would you offer to other people thinking about launching their own business?

Have a good product, and show it well.


Where can people find out more?

On my webpage/blog and Facebook page, in real life at the CAA Gallery and TygerGlyn London. You can find Tyger Gyln at the Olympia Art & Antiques Fair, from 3rd to 9th of November.I am also on Instagram and Twitter.

Photographer : Michael Depasquale

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