Designer Spotlight : Morphe London

Morphe London is a brand of 3D printed jewellery, something that caught our eye here at House of Coco
It combines digital forms with the intelligence of 3D printing technology in order to embrace the body and at the same time make a statement. Intrigued? So were we so we went along to find out more. 

Here, we spoke to the founder Dimitra to find out more…

Can you tell us a bit about your brand and your journey to getting where you are today?
I grew up and finished my architectural studies in Greece and straight after that I came to London for my master degree in architecture. I studied in AA attending Design Research Laboratory course and I believe that this was the beginning of my design career. This course is one of the most innovative programs worldwide challenging every aspect of design and architecture. Having Patrik Schumacher as my tutor I got specialised in generative design. After graduating from AA I started working at Foster and Partners architectural office and one year after that my own business was born.

MORPHḖ LONDON is a brand of 3d printed jewellery designed by me. I treat jewellery as body sculptures and wearable art while I believe that the body is the best landscape and scale to work with.

What has been your highlight since launching the brand?
This year has been very exciting for me and many things have flourished but I could say that my highlight was the publication of my brand in British Vogue for the May issue and now at House of Coco!

Who is involved in the business?
For the moment it is only me who is running MORPHḖ LONDON while I am collaborating with Shapeways – 3D Printing Service for manufacturing all the pieces.


What product has been your best seller?
My best seller has been Chrysalis ring.

Describe the brand in 3 words?
Dynamic, elegant, flowing

Tell us what a typical day in your life looks like?
My day is running very fast and I always need more time. I am trying to balance my architectural career together with my business, which can be very challenging. I am working full time at an architectural office and after work hours my jewellery business starts. Running my own business requires much late-night work and a lot of persistence and sacrifices but the result really rewards.

How do you juggle work and social life?
This period of my life I am working a lot however I am trying to find time to spend with good friends during the weekend. This time gives me energy to continue.

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You are obviously a creative person, when your creativity is lacking what do you do to get it back?
Unfortunately you cannot force creativity but in moments where it is lacking I am trying to find new incentives. A visit in a design galley, art exhibition or just wandering around the city exploring its architecture are always very inspirational and refreshing. London is a very energetic and full of unexplored corners that can constantly keep you motivated. However there are moments that I really need to find myself in a calm place by the sea to fully recharge my batteries.

What sets your range apart from anything else that is currently on the market?
The sensitivity, which is expressed through the design, together with the innovative technology of 3d printing used to manufacture all the pieces I believe are what set apart this brand. The digital design and the 3d printing technology are tools to create complicated and precise forms that would be very difficult to achieve otherwise while they push the limits, the fantasy and the experimentations.

Who/what inspires you?
The beauty of nature is a constant source of inspiration, as well as architecture. But at the end inspiration lies within. A feeling has the power to trigger new designs.

Are there any sources you go for support with running your business?
At the moment there is not any source apart from my family which is very supportive! However I am currently looking for companies that would like to support my business in order to accelerate the whole workflow.

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What are your plans for the brand in 2016?
I would like to establish my brand in the design community and find the appropriate stock list for my pieces.  At the same time I am focusing on evolving my designs and create more exciting prototypes.

Are there plans to expand outside the world of jewellery?
Combining jewellery with fashion design is something I have been thinking for long time now and I hope in the future I will manage to make it happen. In my mind both of them have the body as a base to work on and to transform.

At House of Coco we love to travel, tell us about your favourite place on the planet?
My favourite place is my country, Greece. It is just so beautiful and I am trying to be there as much as possible. Every time of the year there are many amazing and full of energy places that you can visit.

If there’s one business owning activity you could get better at, what would it be?
I cannot think of myself doing anything else apart from what I am doing now.

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For others aspiring to run their own company, what advice would you give?
Follow your dreams and your passions. Do not hesitate to start and develop your own ideas. The beginning can be tough but after a while you will enjoy it and you will feel fulfilled. As Plato once said ‘Well begun is half done‘. 


Instagram: @morphelondon

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