Designer Spotlight : Pearls of Laja


Femininity can and should be accentuated and always give you a great feeling – words by the founder of womenswear brand Pearls of Laja.

Pearls of Laja stands for femininity, self-confidence and naturalness and specialises in figure enhancing women’s jeans in the premium segment. Glamour and sustainability merge in a stylish way using sophisticated fits and luxurious, certified organic materials and ecological washes. Thanks to an intelligent fashionable innovation, each style becomes a unique shaping wonder!

The products on offer are just as exquisite as real pearls. This philosophy is already reflected in the brand name: Pearls of Laja. The word ‘Laja’ is not a fancy name, it’s an acronym made up from the first names of the founders – DanieLA and KatJA.

We at House of Coco spent some time with them to find out more…


Our vision sees ALL women standing up more self-confidently for their feminine curves – no matter what their age or what clothes size “she” wears.


Quality, durability and environmental friendliness are deeply rooted in the Pearls of Laja mission statement. Each garment in the collection is developed according to ethical and ecological principles and produced in certified operations in Germany and Europe. Fairness and respect have priority with us.

They are values that you’ll find in our material, workmanship and washes. Only luxury denim fabrics are used. Our handling is completely biological and fair (GOTS). We pay special attention to a washed look in line with the current trends. At the same time, our garments must be gently processed, free of pollutants. Pearls of Laja also makes sure that transport routes are as short as possible, and we are naturally very economical when it comes to packaging material. This is why each pair of jeans is packed in a lovingly finished, reusable denim shopping bag. Economic sustainability is just as important to us. As a company, we are growing slowly but healthily. We maintain an account with the German ethics bank Ethikbank, and establish long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers. For us, ongoing prospects for our producers and employees are highly important.


What has been your biggest success since launching the business?

Our biggest succes is to see how happy and self-confident all women get, when they finally find the perfect jeans at Pearls of Laja.
Some of our customers haven’t worn jeans for many years, because they couldn´t find the perfect shape or comfortable fit for their figure. With a pair of Pearls of Laja-Jeans these same women get back pure fashion freedom and a positively feminine spirit in their life.

Is there anything you would do differently?


How do you feel you brand differs from others on the market?

The difference is easy to explain: We develop very stylish jeans, which accentuate and enhance feminine curves. We address general figure problems and smoothen typical feminine bumps with clever cuts and wearing comfort. By developing each size individually, we guarantee a snug fit in ANY size from 26-37 inch. AND the complete collection is absolutley sustainable!

What is your most popular item that you sell?

The one and only Beauty-Jeans

The perfect fit with a straight cut leg, ideal for many figure types. A “butt-lift effect” is guaranteed thanks to a fashionable innovation. The tummy, hip and bottom section is cleverly streamlined with the specially adapted Beauty Belt. Each Beauty-Jeans will be delivered inclusive of the elastic Beauty Belt and a lovely eco-denim shopping bag! The composition of our luxurious Denim is 98% organic-Cotton and 2% Elasthane.

Speciality: The supporting effect around the tummy makes our jeans ideal for getting tummies back into shape after pregnancy!


What can we expect to see from you in the rest of 2014?

Different new figure-enhancing styles in flattering fabrics for divine curves. Innovative coloured and washed looks. Furthermore you can expect the hottest item in jeans-fashion: the ”Lady-Jeans“

What advice would you offer to other people thinking about launching their own business?

Enough lead time is important, but don´t forget to start in time.


Where can people find out more?

On our website, where you can find also our list of stockists. Or at Facebook and Twitter 

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