Designer Spotlight : Rock Paper Cloth

Naomi Murtagh presents Rock Paper Cloth – an intriguing capsule collection of hand illustrated scarves, where nature intertwines with the urban.
The idea for Rock Paper Cloth was born in 2013 and came to be in 2014. Naomi found herself in between work projects after becoming a mother and spending a lot of time minding her young toddler son, Stanley. She craved something that would challenge her a little.
Naomi spent some time with us here at House of Coco and told us more…

When you launched Rock Paper Cloth in 2013, what was your vision for the brand?

I wanted to make a small range of scarves to begin with – something I could build upon. Like an ever-growing collection of staples, rather than creating a fast moving seasonal range twice yearly. It was important to me to have a light-hearted edge, as well as style within the range too, so I hope that shines through.
If you had to describe the brand in 3 words, what would they be?

Colourful, lighthearted with a touch of whimsy!

What challenges have you faced since launching the brand?

Finding the right platforms to sell from online and independent boutiques to sell with. I am building this totally solo, so sometimes I wonder if I’m doing the right things or just doing enough.

How much does social media play a part in your business?

I try my best but it’s not my finest point! I met with somebody recently for some pointers who was very helpful but I think it’s something I definitely need help with going forward. To do it right, it takes time and understanding, I think.


To date, what’s been the standout moment for the business?

Being accepted with Wolf & Badger online was great – it’s a retailer with genuine kudos and wasn’t something I expected, so I was delighted.


If you could turn back time and do anything different, what would you change?

At this point in time, I have no regrets – but next collection I’d love to explore more mediums in the designs, and also to sample a wider range of designs, to then chose from.


2015 is just around the corner, what can we expect to see from you?

The next installment of the collection I hope…..And just….more, I hope!

Where can people find out more?

and soon to be on ‘Not on the High Street’ also.

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