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Designer Spotlight : Sarah Valley

Designer Spotlight : Sarah Valley

Sarah Valley is the designer behind her brand of the same name.

January 3rd, 2019

Sarah Valley is the designer behind her brand of the same name. As someone who is fascinated by nature and its beauty as well as all things natural, it was no surprise that she would launch a business in the creative field.

Here, she tells us more…

When did you launch the brand and what was the reason behind it?
My brand, Sarah Valley, was launched in 2016. I have always been fascinated by nature and its beauty as well as all things natural. From a young age, I have always had the desire to create something with my own hands; something different, beautiful and truly unique. Attention to detail comes natural to me and so I often find myself drawn to complex and intricate designs found in everyday objects and materials such as clothing and bags. I believe that passion and devotion are the driving force behind the inception of innovative and unique fashion products.

What is your background?
I was born in Baghdad, Iraq in the late 1980s but was raised in the United Kingdom from an early age. It was shortly after moving to the UK that my love for fashion, art and craft really took hold and developed into a fully blown burning passion that has never extinguished! Consequently I enrolled in the University of the Arts London to develop my knowledge and scope of the Arts globally.

How many people are involved in the company and what are their roles?
I am the proud, sole proprietor of my business. From hand-crafting the products to managing the online store, I successfully micromanage all aspects of the business.

If you could start over with the business, would you do anything differently?
No, I don’t think so. I made the best of the cards that I was dealt with and I am a strong believer of fate.

What is the hardest challenge you have faced since you started the company?
As with many business trying to get off the ground, I found promoting and marketing my work in a world drowning in online businesses, particularly challenging. But hard work, perseverance and a unique brand speaks for itself and I have successfully featured in magazines such as ‘Vogue’ and ‘Brides Magazine’.

Tell us one fact about you that people wouldn’t know?
I am a keen videogamer! Some of my favourite games include Tomb Raider and Assassin’s Creed!

2019 is here, where do you plan on taking the brand?
I plan to expand my brand further, after conquering the UK market, I want to penetrate the global market and make Sarah Valley a household name.

To date, what has been the highlight since launching?
I was approached by ‘Vogue magazine’ and ‘Brides Magazine’ who showed great interest in my work. I have since displayed some of my work on their magazines, which is a real honour.

Which city do you feel most at home in, London, Paris or New York?
I would have to say London, only because it was the birthplace of my brand and business!

Three beauty products you can’t leave the house without?
That’s a tough one, but narrowing it down, it would be: lipstick, perfume and mascara!

Style means….?
To me, style is a form of expression; it is a statement of intent that can define a person through the way they present themselves.

Best thing about London to you?
It is a multicultural, diverse society and this means that we get the best of many worlds, particularly in fashion, whereby styles are shared, emulated and appropriated.

Statement shoe or statement bag?
Statement bag, definitely, because I believe a bag can tell you a lot about a person’s sense of style!

If you had to, what piece of clothing from your wardrobe would you wear everyday?
My handmade nautical cuff bracelet! I can’t leave the house without it! It really describes me as a person I feel a special attachment to it.

Favourite love song?
Here without you by Three Doors Down.

Best place for a coffee?

Most memorable piece of advice given to you?
Don’t look at how others are doing, focus on your own vision.

Guilty pleasure?

If you could spend 24 hours anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Madagascar. Mainly because of its diverse geography, wildlife and culture. It’s like no other place on this planet; animals that inhabit this island country are found nowhere else in the world.

In the future, how do you plan on expanding the company?
By focussing on my strengths and investing time and money on my talents, my business will flourish. I plan to use my products’ unique factor to penetrate markets on a global scale.

You can find out more about my work, brand and business on my website which has all my social media links on it too! https://sarah-valley.com/

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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