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Designing A Compact Home: 9 Ideas That Can Make A Big Impact On A Small Space

Designing A Compact Home: 9 Ideas That Can Make A Big Impact On A Small Space

When you live in a small home, it might be challenging to fit in everything you need. So, you have to make every inch of the space count.

April 28th, 2023

When you live in a small home, it might be challenging to fit in everything you need. So, you have to make every inch of the space count. After all, you need to bring in all your possessions and make the space functional with the right furniture. But it might become an even bigger challenge when you want to make your home look beautiful and as efficient as possible. You’ll need to incorporate smart solutions to help you make the most of the area and maximise the storage. Here are ideas that can significantly impact a small space when designing a compact home.

Choose Your Colours With Care

Making the space look bigger might be one of your priorities when decorating a small home. One of the easiest ways to create the illusion of a larger space is to choose the right colours throughout the interior. The obvious choice might be to paint the walls white. That way, the light might reflect from the walls and make the rest of the room look brighter and bigger. However, a more natural palette or pastel shades could help you to achieve a similar effect. But if you’d like to bring in more colour with bolder colours, you could consider decorating one wall with a wallpaper carrying an exciting pattern.

Pay Attention To Details

You need to pay attention even to the smallest details when you want to enhance the design of your compact home. There might not be much space or pieces of furniture to let your creativity run free. So, you should take the opportunity to look for small details where you can transform your dreams into reality. For instance, you could change the handles on your door or cupboards and wardrobes. You might also want to replace the UPVC window handle mechanism. The window handle options from companies like GB DIY Store could help you to make your small home look more elegant and sophisticated. Replacing the hardware is also an excellent option for those on a tighter budget. Therefore, you can make a significant difference to your home with minimal financial impact.

Upgrade Your Floors

Updating floors throughout the home could be a great option for you regardless of your budget. If you can afford to spend more, consider installing completely new flooring in a lighter colour. That might help you make the room look taller and light. Alternatively, you could get new carpets in cool-toned or neutral colours that could be easy to maintain in good condition and brighten up your home. But you can make a significant difference to your home on a tighter budget. In a day or so, you might sand and refinish your hardwood floors with a brighter stain that could bring more light into the room.

Get Creative With Your Storage

One of the biggest struggles you might experience when living in a small home is the need for more storage space. Therefore, you’ll need to get creative with the storage solutions and maximise available space. You could add built-in shelves and boost your storage options if there are any awkward nooks and crannies. At the same time, you might want to consider using hooks and hanging organisers to make your home look cleaner and allow your storage to become more efficient. Finally, you could utilise the space on your cupboards and wardrobes. To make the space look less messy and more organised, try to get some containers and boxes that could help you to achieve a clean look and keep your items in order.

Explore The Charm Of Leggy Furniture

Small spaces can seem even smaller when there’s not enough light coming in. So, you should try to bring in as much light as possible. You already know that you need to choose your colour palette carefully and could even update your flooring. However, upgrading your furniture could be just as effective. Furniture with exposed legs could help you get more light into the room and minimise any shadows that might appear throughout the day. And what kind of furniture could tick these boxes? You could decorate your kitchen or dining room with chairs without arms. Placing such furniture in your home could help make the space more open and airy.

Give Your Furniture More Than One Purpose

The small amount of space might prevent you from getting all the furniture you need for your daily tasks and activities. So, you should explore the option of getting furniture with multiple purposes. Some of the pieces could be both a seat and a table. Or you could get a bench or ottoman to bring extra storage space into your home. Getting furniture that follows your taste and complements the rest of the interior could help you to make your design dreams come true. And if you don’t want to buy new furniture, you could put your DIY skills to use and upcycle the pieces you already have.

Decorate Your Home With Mirrors

Every article or book you might read about decorating small rooms and spaces mentions mirrors at some point – and it’s no wonder. Decorating your compact home with mirrors could help you to bring in more light and create an illusion of a bigger space. Whether you hang the mirrors on your walls or leave them standing on the ground, they’ll reflect any light coming into the room. That way, the rest of your compact home might gain another dimension and look more spacious. However, the mirrors will also reflect the rest of the room and make the area look twice as big. These days, there are many types of mirrors from which you can choose. There are mirrors in various shapes, colours, and materials. So, you should be spoiled for choice and find pieces that would complement the rest of your home.

Add More Height To Your Rooms

Some homes might have lower ceilings. So, you might want to make the rooms in your home look taller if you want to make them look more spacious. If you want to decorate your home with a pattern, try horizontal stripes. When tiling your bathroom, you could also put them horizontally to make the room seem larger. Another element that could give your interior more height is hanging your curtains and drapes high. You should ensure that they hang above the window frame. And if they fall all the way to the floor, they might make an impression that your ceilings sit higher.

Maximise The Space Through Decluttering

To conclude, you can see that making small spaces look bigger doesn’t need to be difficult – and it can be done on a budget. You could paint the walls a different colour or explore the storage options your home offers. You could also refresh the flooring and decorate the walls with beautiful mirrors. However, there’s one more thing you could do to make your home look more spacious. Cleaning and decluttering your home could allow you to get rid of things you no longer need. Making sure that the surfaces throughout your home are clutter-free could help you to make the rooms look airy and open. At the same time, you might be able to set a welcoming atmosphere and make the space seem more homely.

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