Destination Wedding Fashion Ideas for Mother of the Bride

Destination weddings are all the rage. It’s never been easier to plan a wedding in a beautiful location abroad, with gorgeous sunshine, white beaches and fabulous scenery thrown in for free. If your home town is a bit shabby and the nearest wedding venue has seen better days, booking a wedding package abroad is a no brainer really.

Once you have booked your destination wedding in a gorgeous place like Tocal Homestead, you can start planning your outfits for the bride, and more importantly for the purposes of this article, the bride’s mother. To help you get started, here is a quick guide to choosing a mother-of-the-bride outfit for the special lady in your life.

Wedding Destination
Your wedding destination plays a crucial role when choosing a suitable outfit. For example, an outfit suitable for a beach wedding on the Gold Coast will be very different from one you might choose for a winter wedding in Sydney.

In hot weather, the outfit will be more comfortable if it’s made from lightweight, breathable fabrics, but if the climate is on the cool side, or the weather is likely to be cold, the mother of the bride will need a warmer outfit to ensure she stays comfortable.

The location of the wedding is also very important. If you have elected to get married on a beach, the mother of the bride probably won’t want to wear a heavy outfit, but if the wedding is taking place in a remote location where some walking is involved, shoes need to be practical and the outfit suitable for a trek.

Stay with the Wedding Theme
Many brides want a theme for their wedding. The theme is a handy way of tying all aspects of a wedding together, from colours, styles and all manner of little details. If the wedding has a theme, it is a good idea to make sure the mother of the bride outfit fits the theme, as she won’t want to stand out from the rest of the wedding party for all the wrong reasons.

Travelling with an Outfit
Long-haul travel is tough on us, let alone on our luggage. The last thing any mother of the bride wants is to end up having to wear a wrinkled or crushed outfit. She will feel uncomfortable and the wedding photos will look awful. For this reason, if your destination wedding includes a long-haul flight, it’s a good idea to pick an outfit made from an easy-care material.

Hats, Shoes and Other Accessories
Hats are a staple feature of many wedding outfits, but depending on the location of the wedding, a hat may not be appropriate. A good example of this is a beach wedding, where it may be windy. The same applies to shoes: think very carefully about where the wedding is being held and decide whether heels will be suitable.

One final thought – always check with other members of the wedding party to make sure there are no unfortunate outfit clashes on the day.

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