Did You Work in Lower Manhattan During 9/11 and Got Sick?

The unprecedented terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 changed life for everyone, not least the people who survived the attacks, acted as first responders and returned home to work [...]

The unprecedented terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 changed life for everyone, not least the people who survived the attacks, acted as first responders and returned home to work or live in Lower Manhattan almost immediately after the dust cleared. At the time, residents, workers, students, and responders were told there was nothing to worry about, so most began to clean up the dust and get on with their lives without giving any thought to how breathing all of it in would harm their health. Now, it’s clear that long-term damage has been done.

People Are Suffering and Deserve Help

Many of the people who were present during and after the 9/11 attacks are now suffering from cancer and disabling respiratory illnesses that have been tied to toxin exposure at the World Trade Center (WTC). Those who were affected can visit 911cancerclaim.com to get help. There are two ongoing programs that provide assistance to victims and responders and hundreds of qualifying medical conditions covered under these programs.

The WTC Health Program

The WTC Health Program was designed to offer 9/11 survivors and responders the medical care and benefits required to treat their qualifying injuries and illnesses. In the immediate aftermath of the attacks, those conditions usually included acute, traumatic injuries and mental health disorders. Now, over two decades later, the majority of new applicants are suffering from airway disorders, digestive conditions, cancer, and other serious, lifelong diseases. 

It’s easy to apply to the WTC Health Program, and getting the application approved is also the first step towards accessing compensation through the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund (VCF). Anyone having trouble figuring out how to apply or needing to appeal a rejection can contact a lawyer.


In 2019, the Victim Compensation Fund was reopened in light of the fact that people who seemed initially to have avoided the worst of the health impacts of the disaster are now coming down with chronic diseases linked to toxin exposure at or around Ground Zero. So far, victims of 9/11 have received cumulatively over $8 million in compensation for their injuries and illnesses. The deadline to file a claim was set in 2090, but while there’s no rush to sign up, anyone suffering should begin the application process now.

How to Get Help

The first step towards receiving compensation through the VCF is to apply for the WTC Health Program and prove the presence of a qualifying condition. Applicants must also register with the VCF before the expiration of their personal deadline and submit all of the required documentation proving not just a qualifying illness but also their presence in the exposure zone. Keep in mind that the exposure zone for the VCF differs slightly from that used by the WTC Health Program.

Hire a Lawyer Now

The process of applying for compensation through the VCF is slightly more complex than that of applying for WTC Health Program benefits. Most affected individuals will find that it’s easier to stay on top of deadlines, file all the paperwork correctly, and prove eligibility with the help of a lawyer. A 9/11 lawyer can also help with filing an appeal if a client’s initial claim gets denied and help to explain all of the person’s legal options, so call to schedule a consultation today.

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