1. We travel to some amazing places. We love amazing clothes & we eat some of the most amazing food. This time around Team Coco headed to Staten Island, New York to try a new Italian restaurant by the name of Andellas. The ambiance, the customer service and of course THE FOOD are magnificent. Our waiter keep the laughs and drinks coming throughout our entire dining experience. A quaint little table in the VIP area surrounded by enchanting lamps and a stunning chandelier overhead that had our eyes glistening every time we looked up.

We started the night off with olive loaf & a succulent Lobster Bisque topped with crabmeat. If you’re a fan of Lobster Bisque like we are, then this is definitely highly recommended to try. After a drink we were served mozzarella balls and baked clams that were to die for. The laughs and food just kept rolling in. After our appetizers we headed right into our main course. Gamberoni Al Scampi which is pan roasted jumbo shrimp with zesty garlic, fresh herbs, Meyer lemon/ Pinot Grigio sauce over fresh spinach and mashed potatoes. The presentation was astounding!

Andellas is at the top of our list for great Italian Restaurants to try while in New York. The food and the service really blew us away. This a place we can see ourselves dining at over and over again.


Northern girl Laura is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. Laura’s spirit for adventure and passion for people blaze through House of Coco. She founded House of Coco in 2014 and has grown it in to an internationally recognised brand whilst having a lot of fun along the way. Travel is in her DNA and she is a true visionary and a global citizen.

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