Directing Dopeness with Myles Daughtry

When you’ve got it, you’ve got it and Designer Myles Daughtry(The Director Of Dope)definitely has it. Over the weekend the House Of Coco team caught up with budding fashion designer/ creative director Myles Daughtry to chop it up about his brand and what’s he’s been working on for 2017.

HOC: Myles,  how long have you been designing and what got you into it?

I’ve been designing for about 4 years now. What got me into fashion initially was my desire to push the norm. Fashion is very strict and brands/designers follow trends. I don’t see trends. Yeah, it’s cool to see popular color palettes, but I create bold things that tell a message. It’s all about substance, and I want to tell a story, create a mood, influence new perspectives & many other emotions that make people happy or feel encouraged. I’m about the people, I want to be a voice for people, I want my words & designs to motivate people. I want to be a example & fashion is my platform to influence these emotions.

HOC: Who are some celebs that you’d like to work with or see in your pieces ?

I would like to work with ASAP Rocky. He is a trendsetter. ASAP will be rocking some denim jeans with flowers on them, one year later it’s a trend. I would also like to work with Dej Loaf. I really like her style and how she brings her look together.
I would like to see my design on Swaggy P, the guy can dress and he for sure pushes the norm.

HOC: What’s your thought process like before you start creating pieces ?

I don’t have one, I just go! Its kinda like how Lil Wayne  just jumps in a booth, vibes out and spit’s a verse. I just start creating. What really aligns my vision is words. For example “My soul cant be bought or bargained for” was almost the theme to the denim, for me that develops the look & feel that I’m going for. IMG_1786

HOC: Where do you pull your inspiration from ?

I pull inspiration from various sources like Ralph Lauren, Raf Simons, Tupac, Frank Lloyd Wright & my journey. I think we all have a story, we all have a war within daily and I think at the base of it all each person just wants to find happiness. I pull inspiration from others overcoming adversity & reaching their goals. I love to attend art showings & galleries. I try to look for inspiration all around me.

HOC: Who do you think has the best style male/ female and why ?

Best style male in my opinion is Swaggy P. I don’t keep up with too many people, but I just think he pushes the norm. It’s all about being different. Too many times we’re  celebrating fitting in, and that should never be popular. Best style female would be Dej Loaf. Dej can dress. She pushes the norm and wears what she wants, she fly!

HOC: With a growing fan base and popularity on Instagram, what do you have lined up for 2017 ?

I plan to really build some key partnerships with specialty boutiques & stores. I love designing denim & really want to push the limited release items. I want my clothes to almost be like art. I’ll collab with stores & create limited release designs. I’ll also be working on some upcoming collaborations with some celebs. I’m just looking to build real relationships & spend my days creating DOPE! IMG_1787IMG_1788

Myles is a very busy man working on a lot of really cool things. You can check out his limited release pieces here >

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