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The Disappearing Dining Club at the Dartmouth Arms is redefining date-night dining

The Disappearing Dining Club at the Dartmouth Arms is redefining date-night dining

House of Coco review the Disappearing Dining Club at the Dartmouth Arms in a cosy corner of North London...

May 3rd, 2023

Disappearing Dining Club at the Dartmouth Arms is an unassuming spot for what turns out to be a very high-brow dinner with an inventive menu, in a setting that’s perfect for a date night.

Before we move on to the food, let’s start with the company. Caveat; this dinner was earmarked for me and a date, but after he pulled out last minute, I extended the invite to my housemate (and bestie) for a night away from Netflix and dining on the sofa with the cat.

After an evening of delicious cocktails, food and the in-depth kind of chatting that usually only happens over breaking bread; it begged the question, why don’t we do this more often?

Too often we see each other in our downtime attire (read; messy buns and comfy loungewear) and while our comfort zone is, well, comforting, they do say it will kill you. So instead I slipped into something a little sexier and embarked on a romantic evening of the platonic variety (albeit with my dinner date making the trip across London by my side).

When it comes to enjoying some one-on-one time in an intimate setting, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better ambience than offered by the Dartmouth Arms, with the twinkling candles and snug corners I’ve come to associate with classic north London pubs. Noise level: pleasantly-buzzy background chatter. Atmosphere: Comforting and cosy, the perfect conditions for that Friday night unwind.

As we settled down with some welcome cocktails - a spice-laded winter twist on a Pimms - we ease into the kind of chatter that is reserved for long-term friendship, but without the distractions of hectic home life. And it was the perfect opportunity to learn something new.

For example, I was impressed by her knowledge of Jerusalem artichokes - our first course - being the florets of a tall native sunflower. Said artichokes were matched with crispy potato pieces and a creamy sauce, which made for a pleasing variety of textures. My guest’s tuna tartar was also excellent, with fresh and zingy flavours.

One of my first questions for our waiter was, of course, what makes this disappearing dining? The food offering at the Dartmouth Arms originally began its journey as a private dining experience, served in a relaxed, informal pop-up setting with a focus on creating a fun atmosphere to complement sustainably-sourced, seasonal dishes.

Since its launch in 2010, the venture steadily grew into something bigger, finally resulting in a permanent residency at the Dartmouth Arms pub in Tufnell Park. The brand prides itself on using high-quality, seasonal ingredients, alongside tasty drinks and great music. We can say that the Dartmouth Arms certainly lived up to this promise.

On to the mains and we entered the territory of rich, vibrant flavours inspired by cuisines from far-flung destinations. I opted for seabass, balanced with punchy chorizo and roasted vegetables, while my dining companion went for the veggie option - Moroccan-spiced aubergine with cubed root veg.

We were both impressed by the sizable portions and bold flavours of our main courses, washed down with a delicious bottle of Malbec (Felino from Mendoza, Argentina) packed full of fresh black fruits and with sweet notes of prunes and raisins; a great recommendation from our waiter that complemented the hearty flavours of our dishes perfectly.

All in all, it was an evening of relaxed chatter, delicious dishes and some very fine wine, with the Dartmouth Arms the perfect spot for spending a romantic evening together. Oh and for anyone wondering about the guy, he did get another look in, but for my next dinner date, I’ll be inviting my long-time pal for round two.

Find out more at disappearingdiningclub.co.uk

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