For anyone who has not yet been to Macao, it is most well-known for its five-star hotels and casinos, but this city is so much more than meets the eye. Located between Hong Kong and the South Coast of China,Macao is a special mix of east and west and is undeniably one of Asia’s most unique destinations.

This summer Macao welcomes a five month arts and culture festival called Art Macao. From June to October 2019, Art Macao will transform the region with 40 large scale art installations across 44 different venues throughout the city.

The five month event will feature interactive art Installations such as João O and Rita Machado’s “Sanctuary”, a 7 metre bamboo garden in Mount Fortress Garden: and “The Wanderer”, a colourful fibreglass installation in Taipa Houses by local artist Wong local artist, Wong Ka Long. The festival program will also include special performances from the Macao Orchestra and Macao Chinese Orchestra. It will also celebrate the talents of Macao’s local creative community, with events such as the International Youth Dance Festival, the International Youth Music Festival, and the International Youth Drama Festival.

The highlight of the five month long event is the Art Macao: International Art Exhibition, which brings together artists from China and around the world. The exhibition will feature celebrated artists from China and around the world; and ancient and contemporary works of art come together for an event that celebrates Macao’s unique culture and vibrant creative scene.

During our recent #TeamCoco trip to Macao, we attended a couple of Art Macao’s breathtaking pre-event showcases, to get a taste of what the festival has to offer. “Italian Renaissance Drawings from the British Museum” features 52 breathtaking words of art by some of the most iconic renaissance masters, including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Titian and is open to the public until the 30th of June. “Beauty in the New Era – Masterpieces from the Collection of the National Art museum of China” features 90 modern and contemporary works and is open to the public until the 28th of July 2019.

From traditional ceramics, classic sculptures, interactive installations, and breathtaking multimedia installations, Art Macao is presents a visual feast for the senses, and offers up the city’s lesser known artistic side. Perfect for wanderlust thirsty travellers looking to discover Macao beyond the glitzy hotels and casinos.

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