Are you looking for the best type of holiday in the world? If you’re considering renting a yacht, you are on the right track. Renting a yacht means you get the best of both worlds—a luxury private resort and the freedom to explore, change destinations and be your own tour guide. If this sounds like something you would like to try as soon as possible, before you book your charter, here are a few exclusive destinations in the Mediterranean you might put on your map:

The Balearic Islands

Once upon a time, the Balearic Islands were reserved only for young and crazy kids who love to party for days. Groups of (rich) kids would gather in Ibiza, dance their hearts out and struggle to remember where they are staying when it’s time to go home. However, these wonderful islands are so much more than just a party destination—they are a hidden gem of the Mediterranean and all the luxury escapes.

In reality, all of the islands have a wild side and a much quieter side, especially the islands of Minorca, Majorca and Formentera which are perfect spots for luxury family vacations or couple escapes. Some of the more scenic regions have great spots where you can anchor your yacht, as well as super lux villas to stay in. Also, Spaniards are well-known for their food, so expect to enjoy some of the best cooking in both exclusive restaurants and private family-owned taverns.

French Riviera

This is a region that’s never getting out of fashion for people who enjoy luxury. It’s one of the most exclusive and exciting places in the Mediterranean, and now might be the perfect time for you to sail there and see why. The French Riviera offers beautiful beaches, blue waters, 5-star dining and entertainment and an overall air of luxury and elegance.

And the French Riviera is yacht-friendly to the max (many people who stay there have access to boats) and you can drop your anchor basically wherever you want, hit any random seaside town and explore its many beauties at your own pace. If you’re looking for a perfect itinerary, some say that you should start your voyage in Perpignan right at the Spanish border, then sail to Beziers and Agde, all the way to Montpellier, Marseille, Cannes and finally Nice. This way, you’ll see all the gems of the French Riviera and enjoy luxuries you can’t imagine.


While you’re visiting the Mediterranean, don’t even think about leaving without chartering a yacht in Croatia, one of the biggest up-and-coming destinations in the world of tourism, especially yachting. In many ways, Croatia is a gem of the Adriatic, because it has everything a vacationer might want—picturesque seaside towns, gorgeous nature, great food, friendly people and breathtaking islands, many of which can only be accessed by a private yacht. And finding a Mediterranean yacht charter in Croatia is super easy and fast. Plus, you’ll get a full crew service and an experienced captain who can take you to all the best spots along the coast like Pula, Rijeka, Dubrovnik, Krk, Cres and Losinj.


No matter if you’re cruising or traveling by any other means of transport, make sure to include Venice in your itinerary. Lucky few who choose to take a nice sailing trip around Italy can start their voyage in Genoa, sail down towards the “heel” of Italy, and in the meantime drop anchor in Pisa and have a nice Florence excursion. After spending some time in Rome, venture into the Adriatic Sea on the other side and visit Bari, San Marino and finally romantic and mysterious Venice.

Venice is made up of 100 islands, so it’s naturally very accessible to yachts. Soon you’ll have to replace your exclusive yacht with a traditional gondola if you want to cruise the canals and waterways and slide under the stone bridges of this floating city. If you manage to hit Venice in February, you will join thousands of people attending the annual costumed and masked Carnival.


Greece is one of the best places not only in the Mediterranean, but in the whole world to take your yacht for a spin, but there’s one spot that’s more exclusive and luxurious than all others—Santorini. Get ready to enjoy the most picturesque beaches, discover ancient ruins and climb charming hilltops to reach cute little villages—Santorini really offers the best Greek experience. And make sure to say goodbye to the Sun from your boat every evening, since Santorini’s sunsets are truly iconic and available to only the lucky visitors of this island. Thanks to its exclusivity, Santorini is still not overrun by tourists, so you can enjoy traditional tavernas, the best authentic seafood and romantic beaches in peace.

There’s no better feeling than enjoying the Mediterranean from your private yacht and soaking up the sun. Make sure to turn one of these Mediterranean gems into your next yachting destination!


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