Discover the Perfect DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

Everyone who wears makeup knows they should be cleaning their brushes, but does anyone actually do it?




Washing your brushes should be a regular part of your beauty routine. Plenty of reasons come up long before the word ‘cleaning’ comes into action when you’ve just applied your makeup or removing it after a long day.

When we use our brushes, everything from makeup, oil, dirt and even bacteria gets trapped in the fine bristles. This increases the chance of unecessary breakouts and clogged up pores. Incorporating this action can also protect the investment you made purchasing your brushes as the quality of them can fade over time. Once they are clean again, you will tend to find yourself using less product and have smoother applications. Therefore learning how to clean them properly is a must when it comes to your bank account and complexion.

We know what you’re thinking… How can I begin doing this when I have enough going on already?

Well here at Fibre we have some tips on creating the perfect cleaner for your makeup brushes which is also cost effective! You won’t even need to leave your house to prepare this one…



 The DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

You will need:

 – A dinner plate

– Basic dish soap (to disinfect and clean)

– Extra virgin oil (to restore oil back into your brushes)


1. Use a ratio of 2:1.5 with 2 parts dish soap and 1.5 extra virgin oil on a dinner plate.

2. Pick up your brush and begin mixing the two components together and watch your makeup loosen from it. Continue doing this until you feel your brush is free from makeup residue.

3. Pointing your brush downwards, run it through lukewarm water to wash off the mixture. Ensure you do not point your brush up and into the running water as this can loosen the glue inside your handle. This weakens the glue inside holding your bristles together. It can eventually lead to bristle loss and ruin the handle in the long run.

4. Pat your brush dry using paper towers to avoid the transfer of lint on to your brushes. Remember to blot out the excess of water for a quicker drying time.

5. Hang and leave the brush end facing down to avoid water seeping into the handle, which will ruin the quality of your brushes as stated in point 3.

 Repeat this process with the rest of your brushes for a thorough, non expensive deep clean!



As another option, you can replace the dish soap with a gentle clarifying shampoo or baby shampoo. Both of which do a terrific job of cleaning your brushes without paying top dollar on the market.

So there are no excuses for dirty brushes now! Get them into your routine and tell us if you see and feel the difference.

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