DISH-onest Brits: Over Half Have Ordered Food Then Passed Meal Off As Their Own Cooking

We LOVE cooking here at House of Coco and hosting dinner parties is one of our fave past times. Now, A new poll conducted by a delivery service in the UK has revealed that just over half of Britons have lied about their culinary skills in order to impress a partner, friends or family members, when they have in fact ordered it from a takeaway restaurant (we’re not guilty). Furthermore it was found that two thirds are embarrassed by their cooking abilities.

Britons are ashamed of their cooking skills, with as many as half admitting to ordering a takeaway meal and passing off dishes as their own cooking in a new study.

The survey was undertaken by researchers at Jinn (, a delivery service enabling members of the public to buy any item they choose and have it delivered to their door in under an hour. They conducted the study in light of new promotions they will be holding over the coming weeks which includes free delivery for all things related to Valentines. A total of 1,892 Britons aged 18 and over took part in the research, all of whom revealed to researchers they have partners, friends or family members over to their homes for dinner at least once a month.

Initially all participants were asked if they enjoyed cooking meals for others,  with just under half (47%) stating they did. A further 45% admitted they hate enjoy cooking for others, and 8% claimed they neither enjoyed it or hated it. Following this, respondents were asked if they thought they were a good cook, with 33% stating they thought they were good at creating meals and dishes, but more than two thirds (67%) stating they were somewhat embarrassed by their cooking and lack of knowledge.

Food Disgust

All participants were then asked to provide the biggest cooking error or food related blunder that has ever happened to them in a kitchen, with the most common answers revealed as follows:

  1. I gave someone food poisoning with my cooking – 21%
  2. I burnt everything – 14%
  3. Someone found my hairs in their dish – 11%
  4. I forgot vital ingredients and my replacement flavours did not work – 10%
  5. I massively over-seasoned the meal – 5%

All participants were then asked if they’d ever lied about cooking something that they didn’t prepare or cook themselves. More than half (52%) admitted they had been guilty of ordering a takeaway to their home and then disguising it as their own culinary effort. The most common dishes likely to be passed off as ones own cooking emerged as Thai food (32%), Italian (26%) American cuisine (17%) and Indian (12%).

Mario Navarro of, commented:

“Although there has been a huge rise in popularity of cooking shows over recent years, it seems that many people are content to simply watch celeb chefs work their magic on television and refrain from any imaginative efforts within their own kitchens. Here at Jinn we can’t see anything wrong with this whatsoever, and as we now offer our customers 24 hour delivery service, they can cheat their way to a ‘home-cooked’ meal even more often!”


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