People all over the world are becoming increasingly interested in wellness, healthy lifestyle and their mental well-being. Healing of the mind-body connection is slowly becoming the ultimate priority, and also a lifestyle trend that the countries thriving in tourism are quickly picking up on.

Asia-Pacific has been known for providing such services with its many spa and massage centers. However, Europe and North America set up a standard of wellness and fitness tourism, which made Australia one of the leading countries in this field, being culturally somewhere in between the two.

With its numerous health spas, hot springs, yoga retreats, beaches for surfing, meditation camps and more, Australia is definitely one of the epicenters of wellness. For more information about luxurious retreats around Australia where you can enhance your overall wellness experience, you can follow this link:–New-South-Wales–Australia/

Health Spas & Hot Springs

Australia is full of natural hot springs, that are as attractive as much as they promote good health and relaxation. Let the heat and minerals rejuvenate and nourish your skin while the peaceful and luscious surrounding soothes your mind.

On this list, we’ll name just a few:

  • The Peninsula hot spring in Victoria provides over 20 different ways to enjoy thermal baths, such as cave pool, massaging mineral showers and a pool with a panoramic view;
  • Blue Mountains Spatadise with relaxing zen gardens;
  • Kimberley Warm Spring in Tasmania where you can prepare a barbecue after a swim;
  • the Dalhousie Springs in the Witjira National Park, a breathtaking natural oasis.

You can look up more information here.

Massage and Physiotherapy

Many physiotherapists are choosing to set up their business in Australia. But an overflow of massage and physiotherapists runs a risk of inflation of non-licensed therapists. However, The University of Sydney provides a masters degree in physiotherapy, with education in anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, psychology. Ask for a degree or license to know you’ll get the best possible treatment.

Different massage centers can be found as well, such as Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat with a fusion of techniques like Kahuna bodywork and heated Basalt stones, Chi Spa with the Himalayan hot-stone massage to cure jet-lag and insomnia, and Li’Tya Marta with Kodo rock massage, inspired by the traditional aboriginal techniques that utilize special stones to re-align energy flow.

Check out TripAdvisor’s Top 10 list of Spa and Wellness centers in Sydney here.

Meditation & Digital Detox

Meditation centers and retreats are sprouting all around Australia. But for those that just want a distraction-free holiday, it seems the number of Digital Detox retreats is growing as well. Going smartphone-free in a humble cottage just to enjoy nature’s abundant presence can bring much more out of your vacation and relaxation.

Meditation is supposed to have the same effect, but more lasting. It should make you resilient to outer distractions that stir anxiety, and make your mind more clear and focused. If you really wish to explore the silencing of the mind, you should try Australia’s Vipassana meditation. This is a 10-day program, with nine days of silence, practicing Indian meditation techniques.

Natural & Organic Cosmetics

Even though skincare is not the first thing that comes to mind when planning your vacation, it’s certainly something you’d mention when speaking of health and wellness. Although Australia is known for Aesop, a fine band of cosmetics, it is better to look for something you can’t already get in your local store.

So there is a wide range of various skincare and food products that come from an authentic origin. They are inspired by the indigenous people of this land, their usage of native plants and their ways of preserving health and beauty. Yurruku cosmetics promotes these native nectars such as the Kakadu plum, kangaroo apple, and red mollotus berry. Indigearth is another brand with natural native ingredients, teas, herbs, and spices.

Whatever you choose to do here, you won’t regret it. Either way, Australia is exotic enough to make you forget troubles at home but familiar enough to make you relax and enjoy the holistic rejuvenation experience.


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