DIY: Precision Makeup Remover

Who doesn’t love a beauty trick once in a while? An eyeliner loving girl myself, I sometimes find creating the perfect flick, let alone symmetrical one, quite difficult in the morning. Well, here at House of Coco we have found an accessible, perfect little home remedy to help wipe away your troubles.


You will need:

– Make up remover wipe

– Cotton bud (Pointed ones work best)



– Wrap your cotton bud in the makeup wipe



– Wipe away the mistake to correct it


So when you are in the middle of your make-up routine, and your fingers fail to listen to you, grab your magic remover bud and gently remove your make-up mistake with one easy swoop! Whether that ranges from a not so perfect eyeliner wing or eyeshadow powder fallen on to your cheeks, there is always a quick and accessible way to remove that one little error rather than re-creating a 15 minute masterpiece all-over again. Tattooist now turned make-up artist Kat Von D, uses this DIY saver for her cosmetic tutorials.


Some make-up artists find dipping the cotton bud into a make-up remover, but this can leave the bud quite wet. This makes removing the mistake more troublesome, thus less accurate and time consuming.

It is also a little neat trick if you are looking to create crazy straight angles with your eyeliner or eyeshadows. We have been seeing plenty of geometric shapes on the catwalk, with Rimmel recently advertising a single solid line above the eye crease. This new technique can easily be achieved and clean up any messes you make along the way.


Another beauty secret that some make-up artists advise on, is when creating smokey, dream like eyes to focus on them first and continue with your usual face routine afterwards. By focusing on your eyes first, any eyeshadow pigments that have accidentally fallen around your eyes, can easily be wiped away. It can also benefit anybody who tends to cleanse their skin beforehand and begin applying make-up shortly after. By concentrating on your eyes first, it allows your face to absorb any products you have used in your face regime, getting the most out of your cleanser, toner and creams.



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