Do You Want To Learn A Multi-Tasking Eyeliner Trick? We Do!

Who does not love a good beauty hack? In the beauty world, there is always the next tip and trick in every girl’s hat. But this particular one is also waterproof and involves carrying less equipment in your bag. Interested? Carry on reading.


Michelle Phan, a Youtube sensation grossing over 6.5 million subscribers, creates videos weekly for her fan base and shares plenty of creative beauty tips as she goes. So it comes as no surprise, in one of the Youtube conventions she attended, she shared a secret summer tip she uses when she is packing light and going to the beach.

Michelle Phan says,

“I use mascara as eyeliner. I take my angled eye liner brush and dip it in mascara and I use it as a gel liner”


Not only is the idea space-saving, but it probably has not crossed your mind to swap products to gain a different purpose. Or better yet, combine the two and get waterproof liner.

Of course we all know gel liners have adapted and you can buy waterproof ones from the high street, but who wants to fumble about with a small pot and little brush?

“It actually lasts longer than gel liners because it’s waterproof. I use it a lot at the beach or when I need waterproof makeup”

It’s a simple case of looking outside the box and utilising everything in your makeup bag. Many beauty gurus have also found using your lip balm as a cheek stainer works, or mixing a ratio of foundation and your moisturiser to create your own personal BB cream.

Get creative and see what you can come up with!


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