Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

When you are surrounded by great sunny weather and your friends are jetting across the world on their week long holiday, you know it is summer time. It is also the time when body parts are put on show. Whether that’s due to the fashion change or simply the heat in some countries, everybody has a reason to change up their wardrobe as the temperature rises.


One topic that pops up more than anything is hair removal during this time of year. Girls are waxing this and that off, people are shaving constantly and others are using cream to get rid of it. One new trend that has re-emerged in the market are laser hair removal treatments. They gained their popularity after famous celebrities like the Kardashian clan revealed their strategic efforts to beauty and how to maintain it.

Laser hair removal works by targeting dark matter, like our body hairs. They are set to specific wavelength in order to remove the follicle, with minimal effect on the surrounding area. Melanin is the number one thing the treatment hangs on to. It occurs naturally in the skin, giving our skin and hair colour.

There are two types of melanin

  • Eumelanin – Brown or black hair
  • Pheomelanin – Blonde or red hair

People who have dark hair tend to get the best results, because the treatment focuses on finding the darkest melanin, or dark target matter, thus having brown/black hairs would make you a good candidate. The perfect combination for this type of treatment are people with pale skin and dark hair, because the technology is able to detect your hair faster, eliminating it accurately and achieving the most success.


Bare in mind, if you are thinking of booking yourself in for a treatment, you cannot have tanned skin or wear fake tan. This voids the whole process of how the machinery works. Therapists need your skin to have a 6 week break in-between before the procedure can begin.


Personally having experienced laser hair removal myself, the sessions are short, but can be painful in some places. It was not a pleasant experience for me, but that does not speak for other people who have undergone the treatment. The results I received from the treatment makes me think there is some truth to the claims. I saw an instant hair reduction, mainly from my first treatment. Many people and online sources say the first session is the most effective as the results can be seen immediately. After 2-3 days, the hair follicles begin to shed, so after the initial shave you will see an instant reduction and slower hair growth. From the point onwards, you have slower hair growth and may even see a ‘patchy’ like area, which means the laser is doing its job.

You may find people saying it could be power of the machine or the level of skill when you receive treatment, but it really does depend on the user. Some people may never see results, whilst others swear by it. It is something you will need to experience yourself. Going to a professional and reputable beauty salon will leave you in the safest hands. Do not issue your first 6 treatments with a business that claims high results. If they are too good to be true, they most likely are.


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