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Dog Anxiety: Major Signs and Ways to Deal With It

Dog Anxiety: Major Signs and Ways to Deal With It

Have you ever wondered if your dog is anxious? Dogs can experience anxiety in many different ways, but there are three major signs that they're struggling.


Have you ever wondered if your dog is anxious? Dogs can experience anxiety in many different ways, but there are three major signs that they’re struggling. What’s worse is that some of these symptoms may be mistaken for other medical problems. Anxiety is difficult for any person to deal with, and it can be even more difficult for your pup. Anxiety in dogs often manifests as barking, destructive behavior, or general fearfulness. This blog post will teach you three signs that your dog may have anxiety and ways to help them feel better.

Dog Anxiety: Major Signs and Ways to Deal With It

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Panting Excessively

While your dog may just need to take a break from playtime, excessive panting can mean that he or she is struggling with anxiety or excitement. If you notice this behavior in hot weather when the windows are closed, it’s best to head outside for some fresh air and calm down for a while; however, if you notice your pup panting when the weather isn’t hot, and even after playtime has ended, it’s best to take him or her to see a vet.

If your dog is struggling with anxiety, there are several ways that you can help them feel better. First of all, it’s important to be patient with your pup. Also, try taking them on long walks or runs in an area that is free of distractions so that they can feel relaxed and have fun. Finally, speak calmly and reassuringly when you notice anxiety-related behaviors because dogs are very sensitive creatures. Sometimes a vet may recommend CBD oil for dogs. As indicated at HonestPaws.com, CBD oil may help alleviate anxiety in dogs.

Staring off Into Space

Dogs are not known for their attention spans, but anxiety could be the issue if your furry baby is staring at something you don’t see or won’t come when called. If you notice this behavior in a normally attentive dog, it may mean that there’s an unknown cause of pain, causing them to lose focus. Head to your vet if you notice this behavior, especially with any other symptoms of pain or discomfort.

Getting to the bottom of what’s causing anxiety is important because it will help you determine how best to treat it. However, just know that there are always ways to work through dog anxiety and help him or her feel more comfortable at home. While medications may help, you can also take some preventative measures to keep your dog less anxious.

Play soothing music or leave the TV on to relax them during stressful times like storms. This will be especially helpful for dogs who are often home alone and might feel uneasy without company; leaving these background noises on while you’re gone may soothe them. For dogs who get anxious when their owners leave, doggie daycare or taking them with you can help your dog feel safe even if he or she is alone for extended periods.

Trembling or Shaking

If your dog is trembling, you may think that he or she has an injury. However, if this behavior goes beyond a simple limp and occurs when they are calm as well as excited, your pup may be struggling with anxiety. Dogs often shake in response to loud noises like fireworks because the noise triggers their fight-or-flight response.

If you notice your dog trembling, it’s best to remain calm and reassure them that everything is okay with a gentle touch or by speaking softly. It can also be helpful to keep their environment as quiet as possible, so they don’t have any additional triggers for anxiety. This may mean covering the windows during storms, so they don’t have to feel the booming thunder.

Treatment for anxiety is often discussed in terms of medications because dogs are very sensitive creatures who can be easily overwhelmed by their feelings. However, there are other treatments out there as well! When left alone, dogs who experience anxiety may do better with a dog walker or dog sitter who can come by for a visit. In addition, dog daycares may be helpful because they offer plenty of opportunities to meet and play with other dogs in non-threatening environments. Finally, it is your responsibility to watch your dog’s body language and behavior to ensure you notice changes that might be worrying signs.



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