Dollywood Boutique launch world’s first luxurious perfumed tan

It’s time to ditch the dreaded smelly fake tan girls! Online beauty business, Dollywood Boutique, have launched the world’s first perfumed tan collection inspired by the companies favourite designer scents which will leave you smelling amazing.

Dollywood Boutique owner, Chloe Spriggs, first launched a scented collection of tan in July 2018, inspired by her favourite sweets, following huge success she developed the product with designer fragrances in mind.

The beauty entrepreneur said: “I decided I wanted to do something different and luxurious, creating a product that no one else has launched before. Perfumed tans came to mind and I’ve been designing them with my in-house team ever since – I finalised my scents and added unique skin-friendly ingredients to compliment them, inspired by my top, heart and base notes to mirror my favourite fragrances.”

The perfumed tan comes in five different shades including: Elegance, Lady in Gold, Fleur Belle, Goddess and Life is Beautiful – there’s something to suit all skin tones. There’s no longer any need to worry about tan stained sheets either, as this tan is non-transferable, dries instantly and is streak free – sounds like a dream come true.

House of Coco can’t wait to try out the new tanning product that will leave us smelling and feeling divine.

Priced at £14.99, available online at the Dollywood Boutique store from today


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