Moving is a huge task but it does not mean that you forget about your child during a move. Parenting should always be your first priority no matter what are you doing. While moving, most parents make the mistake that they just ignore their kids during the process and think that they won’t get affected by the process. As you do the many tasks related to moving- compare moving companies quotes, declutter, pack and say goodbye to your kids, make sure you do not ignore your kids.

If you also had decided to move, make sure you involve your child in the moving process and discuss the move with them. Also, assign them the moving related tasks so they will feel good. Else moving can become stressful for your child.

Talk with them, communication is the key. No matter how many tasks you have to do during the entire process, you need to find enough time to care for your child, give him the time he really needs. If you want to get some ideas that how you can involve your child in moving then have a look at this list of things helps you to move smoother while keeping your child happy.

Discuss the move with your child

Whenever you made the decision of moving regardless of the reason, you should discuss it with your child. Tell him why you have made the decision to move and what changes this move can bring to their lives. Remember that communication is the key to any successful move therefore you should communicate with them and listen to them about their concerns. While discussing, don’t ignore their questions, answer all their questions, and let them know how the move could be a big opportunity for the entire family.

Some discussion tips with your child

Keep them informing your child about the move. Don’t think that you will inform them at the last moment because it will get too late. There will be an immediate reaction from the child because they will have the fear of the unknown and you should be ready to accept that fear of the unknown.

If it is a local move then you can take your kids to the new city where you are moving. This will help them to know about the neighborhood and about all the new things. While on the other hand, if it is a long-distance move then you should help him by researching all the things about the new place and collect as many as images you can and then show all these images and the information to your child. It will be helpful for you as well as for your kids too as they will feel relaxed with the fear of the change.

Involve your kids as much as possible in the tasks of the moving. You should also encourage their opinions if they are offering you advice related to moving.

Don’t forget to tell him what to expect

Moving is not just a big change in your life but also it is a big change in your kid’s life therefore you should talk with him about all the changes that he should expect with this move. A moving process is just like a new start in your life. You should take your children to their new school playground if possible visit their new house and let them know all the things about the surrounding where they are going to live after a certain period of time.

Assign them tasks

While doing the moving-related tasks, you should involve your child in the tasks. According to their age, you can assign tasks to them.

Let them sort out their items

While making an inventory of the items that you will bring with you to your new home, you should allow your child to sort their items that what they will need at the new home. Though you should help them if they are making any request for a particular item to bring to the new home, you should allow them if it is possible. Also, consider their sentiments regarding their things like toys so that you can take a specific item with you if you want.

Additional tips to not ignore your child:

  • You should use the books as well as movies to help your child not to have the fear of the move. Books and movies of the moving process will also be helpful for you to make the entire moving process easier and efficient.
  • Keep all the information, explanations easier and simpler as much as it is possible.
  • When you packing up the items of your kids, you should involve them in the packing and with your supervision, you can take help in the entire packing task. It will make your task easier and your kids will also feel good as they are involving in the moving-related tasks.
  • If your kid is just a toddler then you should hire a baby sitter or get help from your friends or family members who can always pay attention to your child.

You must understand how moving affect your child and ensure that you do not bring any adverse effects. Use this guide and make sure your children do not get ignored as you embark on your journey to a new phase of life.


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