Food and drink are such a big part of many people’s lives. They are there to nourish, to share with friends, to have for a special occasion, and to experiment with.
If you are really into the food and drink scene, you are probably already anticipating what is going to be a top hit on the plates this year, and this piece is going to take a look at what drink trends are coming up.

Read on to find out what is going to be on the cocktail menu, the wine list, and on draught for 2023.

Drink Experiences

Sitting down and having a simple pint of beer is not something that can be replaced but expect to see a trend in more obvious drinking experiences over the next 12 months. As cocktail bars continue to become more and more popular, expect social media to be filled with wild concoctions and cocktails with an aim to look as little like cocktails as they can. Additional toppers, dry ice, unique flavors, and other novel titbits will be more common in cocktail bars – many of which will make a sensational Instagram post.

Premium Tastes

The days of choosing the cheapest whiskey on the shelf are slowly coming to an end, and the desire for high quality ingredients and premium drinking brands are becoming a priority for those who value a drink. In complete polar worlds to other drink experiences, this trend is for those who do not want a candy floss bouquet on their martini or several garnishes amongst some sparklers. Premium spirits are for those who want to forgo any flourishes and who care more about the quality of the drink.

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Strong Flavours

Strong and unique flavors are going to start taking place amongst spirits this year. Think spices in tequila, or tabasco in vodka. Those who like cocktails are not a stranger to strong flavours, and bitters are very popular. Coffee and alcohol work well together and there is also the fermentation side of drinks that are starting to hit the market with gusto, with kombucha being a top choice!

Experimenting at Home

A lot of people had to live in the virtual world for well over a year, and as the market kept up with the demand, it appears that there is place for virtual experiences to stay. Trying different drinks from all over the world in the comfort of your own home is becoming more and more popular, especially if you have an online guide to take you through the experience. For many, it will beat waiting at a bar for 30 minutes to get a questionable pint and some very stale bar nuts.

Enjoy this year’s trends responsibly and have some fun!


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