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Duvet Togs for Different Seasons, Age Groups, & Sleepers

Duvet Togs for Different Seasons, Age Groups, & Sleepers

Nothing can beat the perfect night's sleep when it comes to a fresh and active working day.

July 10th, 2020

Nothing can beat the perfect night’s sleep when it comes to a fresh and active working day. You get up happy and relaxed all ready to work tirelessly with high morals. So making your bed comfortable is very necessary and when you talk about bringing comfort to bed how can one overlook duvets.

There come various types with varying thermal insulation and breathability therefore it is important to know which caters your needs and is suitable for you to buy. Duvet tog and filling are the only things that you need to know for this purpose. The tog describes the thermal insulation and the warmth you are likely to get.

It is closely related to the fill power which is the indication of fluffiness or volume and refers to the amount of fabric occupied in inches per ounce of the filling material. So the higher the FP the better the thermal insulation. Similarly, the higher the togs value the greater the thermal insulation and the warmer you are likely to feel. Generally, duvet tog varies from 1.5 to 15 where 1.5 indicates the coldest and 15 indicated the warmest.

Duvet tog for different seasons

Summer: they have the lowest tog value which usually is from 3 to 4.5 no matter it is filled with synthetic or natural material. Usually natural feeling materials like cotton down silk and figures are recommended for summer use because they are naturally breathable and offer crispy cool night’s sleep.

Around the year: if you live in a tropical or plane area where temperature is neither too high nor too low the mid duvet tog is recommended. 7.5 to 10.5 references to round the year or summer and autumn use is because this is the moderate value to keep one’s body at the right temperature without making him feel too hot or too cold. Note that this tog value works only if you are a normal sleeper or have temperature maintenance and system otherwise.

Winter: a tog value as high as 13.5 is recommended for winter use for a normal speaker because it keeps the body warm and suits normal and cold sleeper only. Warm sleepers are recommended not to go for a 10.5 plus tog topper no matter if it’s winter.

Extra warm: 13.5 to 18 tog indicates the warmest ones. Such high togs value is suitable for cold sleepers only and for those who live in very cold and frosty areas where temperature remains several degrees below zero.

Duvet tog for different age groups

Not everyone can sleep under the same topper because the sleeping habits very greatly show different age groups need different warmth based on their age. Below is given the division of togs rating according to age group have a look at it to determine what value you need for babies, toddlers, children or adults.

1 year old babies: babies under 1 year do not need a higher feeling power or togs topper because their body tends to warm up naturally and they require a little aid to retain the warmth. Use 4 to 4.5 togs or less while keeping the temperature of their home at 18 degree Celsius. If the temperature of room is above 21 degrees reduce the layers of topper from the baby e on the contrary if the temperature is below 15 degrees combine blanket with a 4.5 duvet in order to keep their bodies warm to help them sleep comfortably. Note that when it comes to the blanket you are not supposed to double it because it will likely to double the warmth.

1 to 3 years old toddlers: remember that toddlers do not have the ability to regulate their body temperature naturally and can easily overheat so one needs to be very careful when choosing their bedding. Like babies we recommend you to stick to 4 to 4.5 togs. The ideal temperature for toddlers to sleep is 18 degrees and if the temperature increases or decreases from 18 opt for the same technique as stated above.

Children: children’s bodies tend to react differently than babies and toddlers. They need 4.5 tog for summer and 9.0 for the rest of the Year. They do not need a 10.5 plus tog usually so avoid opting for it unless you live in very cold areas.

Adults: adults need a 4-4.5 for summer, 7.5-9.0 for spring & autumn, 9.0-13.5 for winter, and 13.5+ for very cold and frosty seasons.

Duvet tog for different Sleepers

Not only toppers but all the bedding elements are a matter of personal preference and one’s taste. Similar is the case when it comes to choosing the duvet. The choice of togs value greatly depends on one’s sleeping habits as well other than age group and season. So it’s better to determine which kind of sleeper you are before buying them. Based on sleeping habits they are classified as:

For warm sleepers: those who experience hot flashes and sweat while sleeping are called warm sleepers. Usually their bodies tend to warm up quickly than others which is why they do not need considerable thermal insulation to keep themselves warm. 4.5 Or below is recommended for them for summer there as a 7.5 for rest of the Year. It is unlikely that they’ll feel cold under a 7.5 tog topper but they do opt for a 9.5 togs value to combine your topper with a blanket.

For cold sleepers: those who experience shivering or cold toes are categorized as cold sleepers. Their bodies tend to cool down quickly and need something that provides more thermal insulation to keep their bodies warm and save comfortably. For them 4.5 to 6.5 is recommended for summer, 9.5 for spring and autumn and 13.5 or plus for winter and extra cold weather.

For normal sleepers: those who neither experience hot flashes nor cold toes while sleeping are the normal sleepers. They do not need to be very particular when it comes to choosing the toppers. They can follow the guide given in the age group section for adults or anything they are comfortable with.

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