Eating your way around Thailand

Thailand is a diverse and exciting country that’s rich in culture and attracts millions of travellers to its shores every year. The country is just bursting with a whole host of flavours, spices, zests and aromas just waiting for you to try. From light rice snacks to indulgent seafood platters and everything in between, Thailand has it all.

House of Coco teamed up with travel experts from to share with you some of the best Thai dishes from across the country.

Northern Thailand

Gaang Hang Lair


Gaang Hang Lair is one of the most famous Northern Thai dishes. This mild but tasty curry is made from a scattering of peanuts and a combination of fatty pork belly, fresh ginger and garlic. There’s also some mild spices thrown in there to give it that Thai kick. Originating in Burma, this delicious curry is a great place to start if you’re new to authentic Northern Thai cuisine.

Where can you find it? Finding authentic Northern Thai food can prove to be pretty tricky if you’re after a sit down meal, as a lot of it is served from street vendors, especially if you’re not in one of the big cities. However, Mae Si Bua in Mae Hong Son serves, arguably, the best Gaang Hang Lair in North Thailand.

Jin Dup

For carnivores, Jin Dup is the way to go. A unique Northern Thai dish, it’s made from a tough, grainy piece of beef that’s marinated in spices (how hot you go is up to you!). The beef is then grilled and whacked with a sledgehammer until it becomes Jin Dup.

Where can you find it? For the most delicious Jin Dup, head over to Muu Thup in Mae Sariang.

Nam Ngiao


Nam Ngiao is a traditional soup made with noodles, meat and vegetables. This dish can vary throughout Thailand, but the most common variation is made from fresh rice noodles mixed with pork and tomato based soup and soft spices.

Where can you find it? If you’re after a large bowl of Nam Ngiao full of meaty goodness, head over to Paa Suk in Chiang Rai.


Pad Thai Shrimp

Thai dish

One of the capital’s most famous Thai dishes, Pad Thai shrimp is mimicked across the globe and is often hailed as one of the most delicious foods to ever come out of Thailand. Traditionally made from shrimp, tofu, leeks, bean sprouts, eggs and, of course, fresh noodles, Pad Thai Shrimp is a dish that tourists and locals enjoy again and again.

Where can you find it? The most renowned restaurant for serving this Bangkok dish is the Thip Samai Pad Thai.

Rolled Crab Omelette

Traditionally served as white crab meat within a large egg omelette, this is a dish that is enjoyed and celebrated by locals and tourists alike.

Where can you find it? Jae Fai Restaurant is famous for its rolled crab omelette. Make sure that you leave yourself a decent amount of time to eat here, however, as service can be slow due to the restaurant’s immense popularity.



If it’s a simple Thai dish that you’re after, then Thailand’s version of rice porridge is a great place to start. It’s cheap and cheerful, and you can choose to add other delicious Thai specialities like fried pork balls and offal. For newbies, we recommend ordering JOK with a side of poached egg.

Where can you find it? As the name suggests, the JOK Prince restaurants is head and shoulders above the rest in this delicious Thai cuisine.

Thai Red Curry

A traditional favourite, Thai Red Curry is served and celebrated across the globe. Thai red curries vary immensely, you can choose to have this dish with a variety of meats and vegetables, and you can choose how hot you go. Although, as its name suggests, this Thai dish is traditionally mixed with lots of hot spices and chillies.

Where can you find it? All over the place! Most of the Thai restaurants in Bangkok will service red curry. However, Bangrak, a little restaurant near Silom, has some wonderful red curry chicken that will make your mouth water.


Tom Yang Goong Soup


A traditional Thai dish, this soup is served in many different countries including Cambodia and Malaysia and is distinguished by its interesting hot and sour flavours. It’s deliciously fragrant, with aromatic spices used generously. It is traditionally made from lemongrass, fish sauce and lime juice.

Where can you find it? The Hilltop restaurant located behind Ao Nang Beach serves Tom Yang Goong Soup with lots of fresh seafood for you to enjoy!

Massaman Curry

This mild curry is a traditional Thai dish that has its origins in Persia. It’s usually made with coconut milk, meat or tofu, cashew nuts, potatoes and bay leaves.

Where can you find it? Massaman curry can be found all across Krabi Town. However, Khaothong Terrace restaurant’s offering is renowned for being the most delicious.


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