People from all walks of life are becoming concerned with the environment and reducing carbon emissions. After years and years of polluting the planet, people are waking up and are making conscious efforts to prevent causing any further damage to it. There are many ways that you can begin taking care of the planet, from eliminating reliance on plastic to not using chemical cleaners.

One of the most polluted rooms in manypeoples’ homes is the bathroom, which is usually filled with chemical cleaners, deodorants, and body washes. In this article, you will find a list of eco-friendly bathroom products that you can use instead:

Shampoo Bars

Shampoo bars are a great alternative to traditional, plastic-packaged shampoo. Not only can you find organic shampoo bars, but you can also find a shampoo that’s packaged in cardboard, instead of plastic. In addition, you can use a shampoo bar as body wash, which will allow you to cut down on the number of beauty products that you buy. Sustainability is a very big part of being environmentally friendly. The fewer products you buy, the better it is for the environment, even if the products themselves are organically and sustainably sourced.

Cotton Towels

In addition to shampoo bars, you should invest in some organic cotton towels. These towels are sustainably sourced and make for a fantastic addition to your bathroom. Myriad brands are offering organic cotton towels, so it’s important to conduct your own research and find the one that’s most committed to protecting the environment. If possible, try to find a brand that donates a portion of its profits to charitable causes, such as preventing deforestation and desertification. You can also buy organic woolen towels, although they can be expensive. You cannot use woolen towels as a vegan.

Refillable Handwash

As we mentioned earlier, you should try to cut down on the number of toiletries that you buy. One good way to do this is to invest in refillable handwash pots and containers. Instead of buying a new handwash every single time you run out, you can buy one container and then buy individual sachets of handwash which you can fill up with. You can also buy one large container of handwash, which you can then put inside your smaller, refillable container. Refillable handwash is a very effective way of minimizing damage to the environment, and, saving money.

Low Waste Mouthwash

A lot of low waste mouthwash is sold in tablet form. For many people, this is very inconvenient. It often results in people choosing not to use mouthwash, just to avoid the awkwardness of a tablet. However, you can find low waste liquid mouthwash if you look hard enough. Make sure to carefully research and brand that markets a product a slow waste, so that you can be confident it is what they say it is. A lot of companies market products as low waste, but in reality, they aren’t.

Natural Toothpaste

You should also find toothpaste that’s made from natural, organic products. Many toothpastes are made from harmful chemicals. Toothpaste production contributes to carbon emissions, not to mention many toothpastes are actually very bad for your health. Natural toothpastes are made from multiple different herbal oils. One of the most common oils used in toothpastes is mint. You can also find aloe vera toothpaste. Some people find that natural toothpastes are ineffective. If you look carefully, however, then you should be able to find one that works for you. There are many brands that offer very effective natural toothpastes.

Silk Floss

For vegans, silk floss is not an option. For people who are just concerned with the environment but aren’t vegan, then it is a very effective option. Silk floss is naturally sourced, contains no chemicals, and is very effective at eliminating dirt and debris from between your teeth.

Bamboo Toothbrush

In addition to natural toothpaste, you should also invest in a bamboo toothbrush. Bamboo toothbrushes are sustainably made and are made from an entirely natural material, unlike ordinary toothbrushes which are made from plastic. One of the greatest advantages of switching to bamboo toothbrushes is the cost. Bamboo toothbrushes are much cheaper than ordinary ones. If you are going to buy a bamboo toothbrush, then make sure you buy one that is made from entirely natural products. Some brands market their toothbrushes as ‘bamboo toothbrushes’ but in reality, they contain plastic and other harmful chemicals. A purely natural bamboo toothbrush will also be compostable.

If you care about the environment, then it’s time to invest in eco-friendly bathroom products. There are lots of very effective eco-friendly products out there, but in this article, we have compiled the best.


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