The look of a natural tan is desired by many, but the dangers of UV rays have led people to seek out other ways to achieve this look. This has led to the development of new technologies in the form of spray tans, self-tanners, and lotions that can help you get the perfect glow without being exposed to the sun. In this article, we will examine these products and how they work, as well as look at some of the more popular ones on the market.

Tan Accelerators

Tan accelerators are used to speed up the process of tanning. Some of them can be used for both a tanning bed and outdoor tanning. The most effective accelerators are in spray form or look like a lotion. Before using accelerators, you should exfoliate to get the best results (removing dead skin cells) and moisturize your skin before performing any kind of tanning action to avoid flaking or dryness. When choosing the right accelerators for you make sure to look at the ingredients. This way you will avoid getting any allergic reactions.

Spray Tan

One of the most popular ways to get a glow is through spray tans. This process involves spraying something that looks like chocolate syrup all over you which will then tan your skin. The great thing about this option is that it’s temporary, so if you are just looking for an occasional boost in color during the summer months, this can be an excellent choice. Most people choose to use either an aerosol spray or mist to apply the solution, but you should also have an application mitt so that your palms don’t become stained and leave behind “hand marks”.


Self-tanning lotions are another way to achieve an even glow without being exposed to UV rays. These products usually come with a built-in bronzer to give you instant color, but many of them also have moisturizing benefits for your skin. One drawback is that these products are applied with your hands, so it can be difficult to get even coverage all over your body.

Self-tanners usually have a more pleasant smell than spray tans. They go on evenly, but it is often difficult to know what shade you are choosing. It’s also important to make sure that the solution gets fully absorbed by your skin for the best results. Self-tanners will not give you an immediate glow like spray tans or tan accelerators because the solution needs time to work and penetrate your skin (usually around 4 hours). This means that they are perfect for people who want something low maintenance that can be done at home.

Lotions With Bronzers

One option is the lotion with bronzer which comes in a bottle. If you are looking for something stronger than a self-tanner, look for one with added bronzers to enhance your tan even more instantly. You should use this product sparingly, as too much of the solution can leave behind streaks or patches on your skin if you’re not careful. These products may be available with either chemical or natural bronzers depending on what you’re looking for and how much tan you’re looking to gain.

Tanning bed

If you are looking to achieve the darkest tan possible, this is an excellent choice. Tanning beds work by applying UV lights within a contained area that will darken your skin in just 10 minutes. However, look out for red eyes or sunburn which can be damaging if you do not wear protective eyewear and sunscreen while using this solution.

Tanning beds are an excellent option if you are looking for a quick solution. This is the quickest way to gain color, but it can also be dangerous because of the exposure to UV rays if not carefully monitored. Another major drawback is that this method does not provide instant gratification like spray tans, so it may be most effective if used only occasionally during the summer months.

There are a variety of ways to achieve a natural-looking tan without being exposed to the sun. From self-tanners and lotions with bronzers, to spray tans and tanning beds, there is an option for everyone. It’s important to choose the right product for you, taking into account your skin type, desired color, and how long you want the tan to last. With so many different choices available on the market today, it has never been easier to get that perfect glowy look all year round – without risking your health in the process! When you decide on a product make sure you use it correctly. Always consult a professional if you are not sure about something! Good luck!


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