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Eight healthy habits to pick up in the new year

Eight healthy habits to pick up in the new year

For many of us, 2020 has been a relatively unhealthy year.

December 29th, 2020

For many of us, 2020 has been a relatively unhealthy year. We haven’t been going out as much, we’ve been eating a little worse, and to be honest, our moods due to what’s happened this year have been very low.

So, here is a guide to how you can spring back in 2021 – here are eight healthy habits to pick up in the new year.

# 1- Learn a new language

This is a fun one to start on! You can pick any language and just give it a go! It’s so much better to learn a few different languages than to just be stuck to one. It helps your cultural awareness, and being multilingual is a great thing to have on your resume!

# 2- Start a new sport

Get fit and join a bright community. This can be great fun, even if you’re not that great. It can help you focus your mind, and you get to meet tons of interesting individuals!

# 3- Eat more greens!

Starting healthier eating habits has more benefits than could be possibly listed here. It’ll improve your mood, your immune system, your skin, strengthen your nails and hair … just to start! It’s a great way to get healthier quickly, and get some vitamins in your diet that you didn’t realize you were missing!

# 4- Shop more economically

Save money and shop more economically. Be more critical about your purchase decisions and the way you spend, and make long-term investments. It’s better to buy something more expensive that will last you a long time, rather than spend less but need constant replacements.

# 5- Recycle more

Do your part and be strict about your recycling, and try to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as you possibly can. This will help your awareness of what you’re buying and what kind of companies your money is going toward!

# 6- Sleep better

Improve your mood by sleeping better. If you struggle with anxiety or insomnia, there are loads of different ways to help you drift off to sleep. You have things such as CBD oil from the likes of platinumcbduk.com, hypnosis, meditation, and certain exercises.

# 7- Spend more time with yourself

Spend a little more time to yourself this year. Go for walks by yourself, take a little longer in the bath, relax quietly on the sofa. All these things are good for mindfulness and the soul.

# 8- Use your car less

Be a little better for the environment. Do you really need your car to go to the shops just down the road? Think carefully before using it! You can save a surprising amount of money by not using your car, it also encourages you to shop locally and help your village community!

So, there are eight healthier habits to start up in 2021. This year has been awful, and next year will be better, and that all starts with you.



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