One of the few good things to come out of lockdown is that it has given people the time and mental space to overhaul their wellbeing. It is certainly the case for our girl Hannah Tan-Gillies who has taken her living room workouts up a notch, and also transformed her snack cupboard into that of a healthier variety.

Not a fan of protein shakes? Neither are we. For those looking for a protein fix minus the heaviness of a shake, and without any preservatives or nasties – look no further than Ember Snacks.

Ember Snacks is bringing protein back to British farms and offers simple, nutritious and organic biltong and charcuterie products made with free-roam animals.

We received a hefty sampler box from Ember Snacks, made with 100% British charcuterie, which is certainly reflected in the flavour profile of these delicious snacks. The sampler box was made up of the Steak Slice, Venison Slice and Lean Salami packs, which certainly pack a flavourful protein punch without any artificial additives. They are also so delicious, that they are almost impossible to put down.

Ember Snacks’ philosophy is to highlight old fashioned farming methods which prioritise natural nutrition, animal welfare and sustainable practices; and in an age where factory farming is becoming more and more problematic, we’re certainly all for doing things the old fashioned way.

Not to mention, Ember Snacks founders Harry and Jack Mayhew come from a family of farmers. Raised on real nutrition and hearty meals – they wouldn’t have meat any other way – and we at House of Coco certainly support their mission of ending factory farming for good.

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