Embroidered dresses the best 2021 summer trend

Nothing makes an article of clothing more unique than embroidery. Embroidery can add a feminine touch to the most ordinary of dresses. [...]

Nothing makes an article of clothing more unique than embroidery. Embroidery can add a feminine touch to the most ordinary of dresses. The fancy threads are making a comeback this year and there are certain patterns and trends that you will see more of than others. 

What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is simply the use of thread and other decorative materials to dress up a garment, pillow, or blanket. Embroidery can be applied with a needle, although needlework can be painstaking and is often inaccurate and messy. Fortunately, computers have made adding an embroidered design to a garment much easier.

Most embroidery you see nowadays was applied by a programable sewing machine. This does not necessarily mean it is mass-produced. Some people have their own programmable sewing machines, but such contraptions are expensive. Fortunately, there are on-demand websites on which one can order individual embroidered garments. There are a few trends in embroidery that you may notice in the coming year.

3-D Embroidery

Whether you add a few roses to the collar of your dress or a dozen daisies down the front, you are sure to make your stitching standout whenever this technique is employed. A 3-D effect is achieved when a piece of foam is inserted beneath the stitches. 

3-D embroidery is most often used on sports jackets and hats, but with today’s bold styles you may find it being used sparingly on frocks. You can make a plain solid dress your own with your first initial embroidered on it in a Laverne and Shirley style. You can also add your initials to a scarf using this method.

Summer Fashions

When you think of Spring, you can’t help but think of soft pastels and dresses made of delicate layers of cotton. This year you will see everything from bold spring flowers on sleeveless dresses to butterflies subtly placed along the waist of a skirt. 

You will also see embroidery added to last year’s shirt dress. If you have a frock that is a solid color You can add any kind of design to the top of it, to give it a fresh look.

You can also take a large man’s T-shirt and wear it as a dress. You can embroider the logo of a vintage rock band on the shirt and pair it with boots for a punk look. You may also want to try  embroidering the name of your favorite film or artist on the shirt. Check here to find out more about designing your own embroidered shirt dress.

Add Embroidery to a Pinstriped jacket

A pinstriped jacket can be worn over a casual summer dress to create a more professional look. Hipsters have taken to adding embroidered designs to pinstriped jackets to put their own spin on a classic wardrobe essential.

Embroidered accessories will also be trending in 2021. Large handbags are back in style and many of them have elaborate embroidered designs. You will see a lot of muted greys and greens paired with bold primary colors in the coming year.

Embroidery adds a colorful touch to almost anything. Technology has made it easier than ever to bring designs to life. 

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