#CocoBeauty : Essential Beauty Treatment Breakdown

Travel is becoming more and more regular in our lives and it’s hard enough to balance work, stay healthy and have a social life, let alone the extra’s like having some well deserved ‘me time’. If we barely have the time or energy to put a face mask on before bed or paint our nails where are we supposed to find the time to book in for beauty treatments?  As I write this, I keep glancing down at my red polished, yet severely chipped nails, which haven’t even lasted a week.  Even when we do find the time to squeeze a treatment into our day, the effects of an eyebrow tint or a shellac polish never last as long as want them to.  Which becomes a vicious circle of finding the time and finances to be able to maintain them.

At House of Coco, we travel a lot, so time is precious and of course for meetings and business trips we want to look our best, yet our schedules don’t allow us to have weekly manicure’s, unfortunately.  So we searched for long lasting beauty treatments that require minimum maintenance and leave you feeling polished for weeks on end.

Nails; Blush + Blow


Nails, are a big deal, whether they are long or short, maintenance is essential to look good and also for your hands protection. Too short and you hit the painful threshold and too long, they lose shape and snap, again hitting the painful threshold. Gel manicures have been around for a while now but I have never had one that three days in hasn’t chipped, resulting in me committing a nail crime and peeling the rest off. That was until we stumbled upon Blush + Blow. Situated on New Kings Road and founded by Bridget O’Keeffe, makeup artist, beauty blogger and entrepreneur. Bridget offers a variety of beauty treatments from blow dries and tans to lashes and nails; all in one beautifully decorated place. My gel manicure at Blush + Blow on Wednesday 15th February, lasted through the harsh cold in Iceland, the steam from a spa day and a trip to Paris on Saturday 11th March. Not only did the manicure last nearly a month but my nails were super long and in immaculate condition afterwards.

Brows; BrowHaus


Brows are big, still.  So if you’re wondering whether it’s worth letting them grow and investing in them, the answer is yes.  Good eyebrows provide a framework for the face and have the power to enhance your appearance and accentuate your features. Growth serums, waxing, tinting, threading, tattoos or a good old brow pencil are the most popular ways #TeamCoco  achieve envy inducing brows, well they were, until we discovered Browhaus. With various locations in London and an array of Brow treatments available, there’s no wonder their salons have such dedicated clientele. However there is one particular treatment that has changed our lives forever; Resurrection Brow. This is their signature semi-permanent treatment that boasts a more detailed and natural stroke, which was 5 years in the making. The skilful strand by strand design recreates natural lifelike brows whilst long lasting dyes mean the joy never fades away.  The treatment can create volume, fills-in mistakes of the past (thanks to the over plucking stage circa 2006) gives texture and a realistic look to brows. It’s also painless and can last up to 2 years, so say goodbye to those hours wasted in front of the mirror drawing on and taking off brows.

Lashes; Agnes dos Santos


Lashes are not a trend; long luscious lashes will always be something we covet, despite the runways attempts to convert us to volume and thickness. Applying mascara is shall we say, my pet hate, spending ages curling lashes and applying mascara each morning only to discover a few hours later, they look flat and I have smudges on my brow bone or flakes on my cheeks. Not a good look, especially not when travelling. I’ve had many lashes applied in my time, some I have adored but have fallen out too soon and some have made me want to pull my lashes off. So when I heard that Agnes dos Santos has a little salon not even a five miunte walk from the office, I just had to see what the fuss was about.  Agnes dos Santos is an author, entrepreneur, trained accountant, self-confessed eyelash extension perfectionist, certified Master technician, judge and a qualified international trainer. Agnes’ passion for perfection translates into superior eyelash extensions. Upon arrival you are able to select exactly what sort of lashes you want; length, curl, thickness, all vegan, applied professionally in a round 90 minutes and last around 4 weeks.

Waxing;  Ministry of Waxing 


I’ll admit I am not one for waxing, I’ve had a few unwanted experiences and I’ve only ever been brave enough to have my legs done; I’m lucky that I don’t tent to get hairy and my arm pits never need to be touched.  Yet time and time again I have been recommended to the Ministry of Waxing.  Created in 2001 by Cynthia Chua in Singapore the waxing experts are now based in 10 cities with 48 stores worldwide. The brand believes in the holy trinity of waxing – Hygiene, Speed and Quality and they achieve exactly that. Their pursuit of hygiene is to the highest standard and they pioneered the “No Double Dipping” commandment. They never double dip their spatulas and always lay out fresh towels for each client and their therapists are rigorously trained in a four week boot camp by world-class waxing experts to offer you the best and speediest service. They wax everywhere, and we mean everywhere and with such speedy service there’s no time to feel any pain – definitely a better alternative to shaving in the shower every week.

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