Essential tech for students working from home

Whether you're a student studying your course completely remotely, or you like to work on big pieces of work from the comfort of your home, there are several essential [...]

Whether you’re a student studying your course completely remotely, or you like to work on big pieces of work from the comfort of your home, there are several essential pieces of tech you’ll need. What 2020 has taught many people who needed to continue their studies or work through the coronavirus pandemic from home, is that not having the appropriate tech available can seriously limit capabilities.

If you’re embarking on a new course, or starting a fresh year and want to fully equip your home office for both unforeseen circumstances and comfortable remote working, we’ve got the ultimate tech list for everything you need.

1. A fully-functioning workspace

While these might not strictly be ‘tech’ items, you won’t be able to work from home effectively or concentrate on assignments without a properly set up desk and comfortable chair. A desk will need to have the appropriate space for your computer and any other tech you need it to hold. A chair will need to be comfortable and set up for your height – avoiding aches and pains is essential.

Other items to make your workspace more comfortable (and avoid RSI) include:

  • A second monitor and connecting cable
  • An ergonomic wireless mouse
  • A wireless keyboard
  • Gel wrist rest for your mouse/keyboard

2. You’ll need a reliable laptop for the long term

If this is your second or third year of university, you’re likely to be set up and happy with your trusty laptop. But if you’re beginning a brand new course, it will pay to invest in a good quality laptop that’s unlikely to let you down. 

Do your research and ask for advice from experts before you take the plunge and part with precious funds!

3. A printer with multiple functions

Printing your assignments is often an unavoidable part of student life. If you’re working on your course from home, it makes sense to have a quality printer set up in your office. Investing in a multifunction printer, not forgetting a good supply of ink and toner means you’ll be able to print assignments – also scan, copy and even fax if your lecturer enjoys old fashioned methods of communication.

4. Upgrade your internet provider

It’s understandable if you opted for the cheapest internet service – you are a student after all. However, if you’re working on assignments and studying from home, you’ll need to have a reliable connection and strong internet. There’s nothing more frustrating, demoralising or time wasting than losing work or not being able to work due to a poor internet connection. 

So if you’ve been having broadband struggles, now’s the time to have another shop around for something that will better suit your working from home situation. 

Other non-essential items that might make things more comfortable

We’ve covered the absolute essentials, but here are some ‘nice to have’ items that could make you super efficient and streamline your processes:

  • Desktop lamp – for those days where your inspiration comes late at night.
  • Smart speaker – this doesn’t have to break the bank and will prove far more useful to you than simply playing music. You can set yourself alarms, reminders and get swift answers to important questions.
  • Pair of headphones – if you don’t have the luxury of 24/7 peace and quiet, some noise-cancelling headphones might be just what you need.
  • Multiway charger – if you need to plug multiple devices in to keep them fully charged, a piece of kit that will do it all could prove invaluable.

Once you have your working from home essentials all purchased and set up, you’ll be ready to work hard and achieve grades to be proud of.

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