With summer around the corner, and holiday season beckoning, many of us yearn for lower maintenance, get- up – and- go beauty routines. We’ve all been there: ready to go out but having to deal with the frustration of applying fussy false strip lashes or trying to scrub off stubborn mascara after a night out when all you want is your bed.

Eyelash extensions can be the answered prayer, for a lower maintenance option that negates the need for mascara or fake eyelash. They achieve what mascara can never and will never achieve, no matter what the formula promises.

It is important though to do your research before embarking on your fluttery eyed journey as they do require specific aftercare, and not insignificant investment. It’s essential that you know how to choose the best lashes for you, the proper aftercare and all the do’s and dont’s that you need to know upfront.

In our quest to achieve voluminous lashes worthy of Queen Cleopatra we turned to the experts at Lash Perfect to get the inside scoop and experience a lash treatment first hand…


Understanding the type of lashes you have is the first step in determining what lashes will be best for you. The length, curl and texture of your lashes is the first thing that your lash technician will look at together with your eye shape, face shape and bone structure to determine the most flattering style for you. Natalie, who is senior technician at Lash perfect advises; “Every client differs in terms of their natural eyelash type and condition, and it’s your lash tech’s job to determine the right style for you. A good tech will tell you upfront if the style you want to achieve is not right for you – in the nicest way possible of course.”

Wearing the wrong lashes can actually ruin your own natural lashes so it’s important that your consultation and treatment is done by a certified lash specialist. Once this has been established the technician can then work deftly and precisely to give you your bespoke finish.

What can you expect at the appointment?

Having lash extensions done is no quick in and out job. On average you’ll need to set aside about 2 hours for your treatment for a full set or refill. Your lashes are thoroughly cleaned before applying the lashes to ensure that there’s no product on them which might prevent the lash extensions from adhering properly. Since my lashes were all different lengths and curl types, Natalie explains what she had to do to work around this: “I had to place lashes really carefully! Some natural lashes just do their own thing, so I had to play around with placing lashes at different angles while ensuring a perfect bond between natural lashes and extensions. I also used two different curls on Bandi to ensure the best look was created – CC and DD worked really well on her! “A good lash artist will know to mix different lash types to give you the wispiest, most flattering lashes. “The worst thing a tech can do to fine lashes is apply an extension that is too thick or too long – this will weigh down the lash and result in an unflattering droopy effect. Not the one.”

After care

Your lash technician will advise on the aftercare protocol for your specific lashes. As a general rule, pulling at them, rubbing them, washing your face with oil based cleansers is a sure way to shorten their life span. Use cleansers such as The Lash Perfect microfiber cleansing cloth and Lift Off Foaming Cleanser which are specifically formulated for eyelash extensions and won’t weaken the bond and cause them to shed prematurely. Natalie also advises that wearing an eye mask to bed at night will also help to keep your lashes longer. “The Lash Perfect eye mask has a soft, contoured design to protect the eye area and prevent eyelashes and eyelash extensions from being crushed while sleeping.” which means it’s gentler on extensions compared to a standard eye mask.

Do I need to brush my lashes?

In order to detangle and fluff out your lashes when you wake up or after a shower, Natalie advises brushing them everyday with a soft spoolie. The correct technique is to brush down from the top side of your lashes so that you’re not tugging at the lashes as you brush them. Gently use the tip of the spoolie to avoid pulling any out. It’s also important to never pick at your lashes as you will end up damaging your own lashes in the process. You’re best off either leaving them alone until they fall off themselves or head back to the salon for refills.

How long do they last?

If looked after properly, eyelash extensions can last for 4- 6 weeks until they naturally shed in the same way that your natural lashes do. Once they start falling out, though, you can go back and have your lash stylist fill in the missing pieces. It is recommended to have an infill every 2 – 3 weeks to keep lashes looking fresh, however this depends on your natural growth cycle and the style of lashes you have. You might want to top up with mascara when the lashes start to shed, and its important that you use one like the Lash Perfect oil-free black mascara that is especially formulated for lash extensions “The number one thing you need to do to keep your lashes looking great for as long as possible is cleanse cleanse cleanse! Along with brushing, cleansing helps to remove any debris that could impact the longevity of the lashes and keeps them styled neatly“

How much does it cost?

The million dollar question! Costs will vary depending on your requirements following a consultation to determine the best lashes for you. “Lash Perfect trained and certified techs tend to offer lash extension treatments at a starting point of around £60 for classic individuals and around £80 for Russian volume, hybrid and more bespoke extensions” Remember everyone’s eye shape, lash texture and curl is different so what you may pay may vary from someone else who has different requirements than you.

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